Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pushing Us Over the EDGE . . .

Oneida County officials had been telling us (and advertising to the world) for years that we had a "shovel-ready" chip-fab site in Marcy ... A few days ago, EDGE was crying the blues that the NYRI power line, if it goes on its planned route, would bisect the site, rendering it useless.

The public found out only in February that a missing federal wetlands permit was one reason for Oneida County losing the AMD Chip Fab plant to Luther Forest Tech Park near Saratoga. This blogger reminded you that EDGE knew back in 2002 that it needed this permit, but it put its application on a shelf, not considering the lack of a permit an obstacle to marketing. Anyone even remotely familiar with environmental permitting knows that it takes months, at a minimum, to obtain a permit once an application is complete, thus making false Oneida County's advertising of having a "shovel ready site." Did EDGE know this, but forget, demonstrating incompetence? Did EDGE not know this, and not bother to lift a finger to find out, demonstrating laziness? Or did EDGE put the application on the shelf to deliberately scuttle Marcy's chances, to assist certain politicians in playing their Albany game? We'll never know.

Today buried in the OD business section EDGE now tells us that they need TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS in infrastructure improvements at the site ... a site that was supposedly "shovel ready" (except for a permit). Just where is this money going to come from? Oneida County residents are all tapped out.

Shovel Ready ? . . . My Patoot!

Did they keep this $20 mil need a secret from us all these years? Or is this just a ruse -- trying to make the loss of the Chip Fab site to a power line more palatable. (Some people will no doubt think, "no big deal, we'll save $20 mil").

Can you really believe anything you hear from EDGE?


Anonymous said...

Steve DiMeo is the problem within EDGE. We pay this guy over $100,000 plus whatever he can "grab" in perks and has done absolutely NOTHING for the area.

One thing for sure, Steve has greased the pockets of many of his political cronies.

Progress will never become evident until such time the County sends a message to EDGE, "GET RID OF STEVE DiMeo and has cronies.

DiMeo is just like the Earle of Greed in New Hartford and his political hacks, especially, Robert Payne, Town Councilman. These two are forever patting themselves on each others shoulders. "SPS" (SELF PRAISE-STINKS!)

Anonymous said...

What the heck, we should use the shovel to bury EDGE as an organization. I have heard and seen in print that this is a shovel ready site. What a bunch of BS and the OD gives these guys a pass when they say they need 20 million to develop the site? EDGE couldn't manage a two chair barber shop on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe the management at Turning Stone could give these guys some pointers on how to create jobs.

Anonymous said...

20 million? Didn't Malta get 300 million?