Friday, June 29, 2007

That Sinking (population) Feeling . . .

The Sentinel reports that the latest census estimates are in -- and Oneida County continues to lose population. Utica lost 1,569 people since year 2000, or about 2.6% of its population, leaving 59,082 remaining. Rome lost 730, or about 2.1%, leaving 34,220 behind. The county as a whole lost 1,515 people, to stand at 233,954.

Actually we may not be so bad - or is this just a case of misery loving company?

The Post Standard reports that Syracuse dropped 5,777, or about 4% of its population, leaving 140,658.

Per the Buffalo News, Buffalo lost a whopping 16,500 people, or 5.7%, since 2000. It's population is now only 276,059. (Remember when it had 586,000 people back in the 1960s? It is now less that half of what it was.) Niagara Falls, which used to run neck and neck with Utica in population, lost 5.9%, to stand at 52,326.

These are all huge losses, and they continue a trend that has lasted more than a generation. They reflect serious flaws in State policies over the last 30 years.

Yet in Oneida County -- and in the other areas as well --the public infrastructure continues to expand into undeveloped land: a new school for BOCES, a new school wing in New Hartford, proposals to extend water lines further and further away from urban centers -- and now leaders are even talking about developing the area around the Westmoreland Thruway interchange. Government also continues to expand, cloning itself. The water and the solid waste authorities come immediately to mind, requiring their own employees where some were formerly shared with their prior "owners" (the City and the County).

One has to ask WHY? Why do we need more "things," and why do we need more government layers, when our population is dwindling. We also must ask HOW WILL WE PAY FOR THIS?


Anonymous said...

POPULATION is DECREASING and this is the JUSTIFICATION used by BOCES and SCHOOL DISTRICTS to demand more from area taxpayers who are so damn gullible...that they continue to approve these EXPENDITURES...not asking how will the common citizen be able to pay for all this crushing DEBT SERVICE.

It is high time that we CONSOLIDATE and/or REGIONALIZE services or else we will see our population base decrease even more, if it has not already done so.

There is too much excess infrastructure - yet a perfect example of this WASTE is the Town of New Hartford and Earl Reed. Many may call the Town AFFLUENT...I call it GREED & SNOBBERY! Pardon my use of others words whom I have taken from to form this opinion.

RomeHater said...

I especially like the justification for tax increases. Somehow, 8% won't do it. How about 9%? Nope, almost 10%. That way, when we go back to 8.75% it looks like a tax cut. The beauty of sales and property tax is that you can charge more than 100% (unlike income tax) Let's see how long people stand for that around here.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I suppose the schools and governments are so boldly raising taxes and expenses because the majority of people who remain in NY are either the same morons who voted these leaders into power and/or benefit from the raised taxes and expenses. Why stop and be responsible if most of the remaining populace stupidly support them?