Thursday, June 21, 2007

Regionalization Nonsense ...

One really has to question if our leaders are grounded in reality.

Today's OD has an interview with the new president of the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Elias. Mr. Elias (and the O-D for that matter) have been promoting a regional approach to things -- that our local jurisdictions would be much better off if they cooperated with each other.

If you remember, the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce was formerly the Utica Area Chamber, which changed its name to become more "regional." What did the M.V. Chamber accomplish by doing this?

Rome still has its Rome Chamber, New Hartford still has its New Hartford Chamber, Marcy still has its Marcy Chamber, Herkimer County still has its H.C. Chamber -- and people down in Amsterdam and Ft. Plain are scratching their heads because they thought they were in the heart of the Mohawk Valley, but the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce does not apply to them. Obviously, Rome, NH, etc. are not interested in "regionalization" and insist on keeping their own identities. Why, then, does the Utica area CC hide its identity and location behind the inaccurate name "Mohawk Valley?"

The name change did nothing to promote regional cooperation. But it does create confusion.

For a group that was founded to promote "Utica area" businesses, it is doing a great job -- of hiding itself.

How stupid.

There are some questionable ideas revealed in this interview. Those will be saved for later comment.


Anonymous said...

REGIONALIZATION should start with the town and village governments followed with regionalization of schools, for example: New Hartford, Whitestboro and New York Mills combining with Utica School District.

Also, we need to put in charge of running this Regionalization Board, competent and non-politically connected individuals whose business expertise is above reproach.

What a renaissance this would make.

Anonymous said...

And while the're at it, they can "Regionalize" the half dozen or so Police Municipalities...

Whats up with 3 seperate forces in the Town of New Hartford proper? [NHPD/NYMPD/WPD]

Considering how they always seem to be overlapped into each-other's jurisdiction anyway, they should embrace it!

I'm about 10 months away from selling my home; closing my business and leaving this ship of fools for better climes/ and a government that doesnt take over half of what I make, to pay for a buncha redundency.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Add Clinton to this regionalization plan! Clinton is only 10 minutes from Utica, ya know!

Seriously, I've always said that Clinton, Utica, New Hartford...all the towns right around Utica, should just merge and be one big city.

Anonymous said...

Read the New Hartford Blogger and see what Anonymous says about the New Hartford Police. They are NEVER around where they should be, however, their ridiculous contract signed by Earle Reed gave them more than most others in surrounding towns, villages and cities.

Also, where was the O.D. about the New Hartford School incident. Sure took them long enough to put this one into the paper. Why the long delay in reporting?

What gives????

Go to:

Anonymous said...

The Mohawk Valley Water Authority is a regional authority but the way this blog and others react to them you would think they were al-Qaida

Strikeslip said...

MVWA has been spun off of local government as a semi-autonomous being. Its decisions have long term implications for the region that go beyond its own responsibilities. As a result, it works cross purposes with and harms the interests of people and municipalities within its own service area.

Decisions on water supply should be made by or under the control of the same people who are responsible for decisions on sewers, roads, planning, zoning, schools etc. And it should be the same body of decision makers for all communities that are interdependent (eg, Utica and its suburbs).

Both the MVWA and the part county sewer district were a mistake: Their creation enabled our interdependent local municipalities to continue their independence -- allowing them to compete and work cross purposes with one another. This prevented a true regional municipality from emerging to take their place.