Friday, January 09, 2004

Chip Fab

I know i've harped on this subject before -- but it's time to do it again.
An article appeared today in the Capital District Business Review titled
" Rally held to oppose Luther Forest tech campus" -- in a nutshell, there is local opposition out Saratoga way to their tech park which appears to be beating us to landing a chip fab even though we got started much much earlier and supposedly had a "shovel ready" site in Marcy.
Read the article at:
Our EDGE people seem to be asleep and they need to wake up .. and be more AGGRESSIVE....
While it might seem unseemly to point out another area's shortcomings, our EDGE officials should at least be there making a pitch to the chip manufacturers who have already toured and tentatively selected Luther Forest -- no community oppostion here ...
...Or is this too much to expect?
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