Sunday, October 16, 2005

Taxpayers players in any sports plan

Taxpayers players in any sports plan

OK -- Does anyone know what motivated the O-D to bring this issue up again, today? Is someone showing an interest in bringing a pro-team to Utica?

As I remember, after the Prowlers left a group came in wanting major changes to the aud -- and this was rightly rejected. But the owner of a Binghamton team -- one that was successful but displaced by a higher league -- wanted to move his team to UTica -- and I don't remember any demands by him -- but there was a similar editorial moaning that this market doesn't have the ability to support a team - - and the owner was essentially shown the door by the local sports authority infavor of a sweetheart deal with Utica College which was supposed to build a new locker room (in additiion to the one mentioned in today's editorial????). My memory of these facts may not be clear, but I remember the clear impression at the time that a deal had been made to turn our public Aud into a Utica College facility, and professional outsiders were expected to be kept out.

Anyone else got a spin on this . .. . Why bring this up again now???

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