Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EDGE Cutting Our Throats

On 12/11/02, the OD reported in an article by Tom Lambert that EDGE had withdrawn its application for an Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands permit to build a chip plant.

"Mohawk Valley EDGE's application for the Edic Road site faced
rejection by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after an environmental
review that included the state and federal agencies.
EDGE officials stressed Tuesday that the project is not in jeopardy.
"We don't think this affects the marketing of the site," said Mark
Reynolds, EDGE's senior vice president of planning and development.
"When we get a developer for the site, then we will apply for a
modified site plan. I have confidence we will be able to get a permit
once we do that," Reynolds said." [emphasis supplied]

In an OD Article today, the lack of the wetlands permit is called "A significant roadblock to attracting a nanotechnology company ."

When will our elected officials realize that EDGE is either incompetent or lazy, and start demanding some answers? It's time to get rid of them!

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Anonymous said...

A major roadblock is an understatement. People in Florida that use to sell swamplands knew enough to get a wetlands permit. This is real estate 101. The sad thing is this doesn't just reflect on EDGE but all the other local agencies that have been pushing this site. These people are on the same boards of those agencies ie GLDC,OCIDA, etc or have the resources of Empire State Development (ie the former Tony Pecenti) You mean to tell me they never recalled setting aside the permit application? They never question what "shovel ready" means.

It reflects on our area as a whole, because we have no way of holding anyone accountable for the actions or inactions that cause us to look incompetent Hillary was right when she said she didn't know who to deal with on economic development issues in our area. What she should have added could it be someone who has competency ...Silence DoGood