Friday, June 15, 2007

Bow WOW . . . and More Nonsense . . .

A couple little stories demanded attention today.

Bow WOW -- New Hartford is spending $28,000 to create a "Bark Park" where dogs can run free.
New Hartford resident Lou Nagy questioned whether the town should be spending money on non-essential items such as the park, given the town's other needs, such as fixing stormwater problems.

"It is a good idea but a waste of public money," Nagy said.
I would not even say it is a good idea. Dogs do bite, and they can fight ... What about potential liabilities? If dogs want to be unleashed, what happened to fencing in one's yard? -- Oh, NO -- can't let Poochie poop up our professionally pampered lawns, can we? A New Hartford theme is appearing? This looks like the Town's well connected elite class taking care of their own personal needs at all taxpayers' expense.

Nonsense - Meanwhile, in Utica, the Kernan Kids are having a Fun Day . . . literally, an all-day carnival in the middle of exam week. Again, there is a lack of attending to the task of learning, and encouraging distractions from learning. I feel especially sorry for the kids who still have exams, and have now had a study day taken from them. Again, it's Kernan School we hear about. The fact that the goings on at Kernan are NOT viewed by the Board of Education as an embarrassment should tell Uticans all they need to know about the folks they have put in charge.


Anonymous said...

There is a bark park here in Greensboro that seems to be a big hit. I've heard no complaints about it. I'm not sure how it was funded, but I think it was all via private donations...not taxes. I could be wrong, though.

As for the Fun Day...welllll....if this is test week and the kids have tests, then this was probably the wrong time to have the Fun Day. However, if testing was last week, then this is a good way for the kids to get rid of some stress, and if it's next week, it's a good way for them to take a little break. We all need to take breaks sometimes! I remember being in the middle of writing term papers in high school and college, and I'd just have to stop and do something else. I'd go for a bike ride, go have a drink with friends...I'd go somewhere. When I returned my head was much clearer and I was better able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Anonymous said...

Leave the area for a while, you will realize that most REAL cities and neigborhoods have dog parks.

You people have NO vision whatsoever.

Jason said...


Then I suggest that you find ways to fix the many problems within the Town of New Hartford and who will pay for them.

If you think that a Dog Park takes precedence over taking care of our elderly and middle income people; then it is you who should move on.

We work real hard in the Town of New Hartford and we will not see our tax dollars spent on frivolity.

Since when are we responsible for entertainment and social life of dog owners? Are you crazy or do you need therapy?

Utica5150 said...

What "Vision" do we need to realize that REAL cities don't dump raw sewage, REAL cities don't squander their taxrolls on personal perks and cronyisms?

Perhaps the next time you 'leave' the area, stay away.

Crime Dog said...

CRIME DOG says: Do not take a bite out of crime...take a BITE out of Earle Reed's a**. I hate dog parks, all my girl [dog] friends are in perpetual heat and I am not the socializing type.

If Reed wants the Dog Park so much, then let him and Robert Payne and Reynolds build it - using their personal funds - NOT TAXPAYERS' DOLLARS!


Anonymous said...

Actually -- they will probably make money on the dog park. The biggest selling category at the biggest retailer in the world is pet food. Every major city I have been to lately has numerous dog parks, so they must be in demand or making money. Of course, NH is a town, not a city. Some NH residents may object to those city types using their dog park.

Anonymous said...

Bitch Bitch Bitch.... so they kids have a fun day, We had fun days too, they just werent called fun days, we played kick ball.

Dog parks are cool.