Thursday, June 28, 2007

People Not Doing Their Job ...

I prefer dealing with issues rather than personalities, but personalities are becoming the issue in Albany these days. The apparent war between Senator Bruno and Governor Spitzer, the latest of which was covered in the Times Union yesterday, is bringing changes in state government to a halt. Spitzer is mad because the Senate has gone on vacation leaving a boatload of unfinished work behind.
"Spitzer said he is particularly upset that Bruno's conference is disregarding 53 nominees that need to be confirmed to lead various state offices and agencies."
While it is understandable that philosophical differences will get in the way of quick action on a legislative agenda (which is probably a good thing), there seems to be no excuse for the Senate to drag its heels on the Governor's nominations -- after all, the new governor promised changes, he needs his appointed agency heads to make the changes, and the people voted for the changes. If someone isn't a criminal and has some experience, and has the governor's confidence, what more needs to be known? The Governor will suffer the consequences of appointing incompetents, if that is what they are.

The Senate, and Mr. Bruno in particular, need to understand that they are now acting contrary to the wishes of the people. Disagree and deliberate all you want on how to solve New York's problems, but make the Governor's appointments.

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