Friday, June 01, 2007

Let's Celebrate -- Some More . . .

Here we go again ... more distractions in the Utica Schools that is ... although what is going on there seems to be prevalent everywhere these days. Now the kids are celebrating "Volunteer Appreciation Day."

Sure, let's give a hand to the many volunteers who assist in our schools every day. Let us adults give the hand, that is -- the volunteers are doing our job . . . whether we be parents or teachers. But for the kids to take a day out of their schedule to give accolades to their helpers is nonsense on top of nonsense.

There is something very wrong with our schools if they need armies of volunteers to teach basic things such as math and reading. Since volunteers do not necessarily have any special qualifications we should be asking ourselves what are we paying teachers for? Why are the teachers apparently unable to do the job? Funny, this never used to be a problem -- long before there were volunteers in the schools -- long before there were teacher assistants and aides in the schools -- and long before classrooms started looking like menageries. It is nonsense that volunteers are now needed.

Now what about the time out of class to "thank" the volunteers? What are the students missing? Seems like there is some new distraction every day -- some new excuse to put away the pen and paper -- to put down the book -- and to party. This sends the wrong message: that doing "politically correct" and "feel-good" things is more important that than the "3 Rs."

Let's thank the volunteers -- but also eliminate the reasons why we need them.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

Teachers are no longer trained to teach the 3R's. They are trained in child psychology for the purpose of social engineering. Read John Dewey's essays-- it's like the tell-all Mein Kampf of the NEA.

Although I get just as angry and frustrated as other fair-minded people about this situation, I am not as hopeful as others that these problems can be resolved "if only we..." The schools are doing exactly what is expected of them, they are exactly as the social engineers want them to be. They will not change, because their "progressive modernist" philosophy is unchanged. The entire system is perverse, and no amount of reform will change it.

To be more specific, what are the true "outcome" goals of the school system? Their intent is not to produce critical thinkers who apply logic and reason and who understand the tenets of constitutional Americanism! Schools indoctrinate-- such as teaching evolution coupled with multicultural values clarification. Why? Don't you realize that the government has a VESTED interest in producing government-dependent morons to support government's encroaching tyranny without question? Of course they do. And the most successful way in doing this is controlling the government schools. It's all been planned and been written down.

Our Declaration of Independence claims that we have inalienable rights from the Creator. So why do schools indoctrinate with the teaching of evolution (which cannot be proved-- and I can prove that it cannot be proved) and forbid creationism? Wouldn't this indoctrination weaken the claim that we have inalienable rights, because there is no Creator to give them? Wouldn't that then mean that our rights come from humans on the "upper" level of social level (aka, "The State")? Wouldn't that shatter our form of government? Our Constitution presupposes belief in God.... this is just one example.

Modern public schools are not doing anything that they should not be doing-- in their eyes, that is. They are doing exactly as they have planned all along. Don't act surprised anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think we should do away with Teacher Certification. If this is the best that our system of education can produce...then God help us all.

I do believe it is long overdue to rescind certification requirements of prospective individuals whose credentials imply they can "teach."

What our system of education needs is less emphasis on certification and more emphasis on real world situations.

Yes, I do agree that we need to go back to the 3 R's, although I doubt
our NYS Commissioner ever practiced them. He is very much part of the problem together with those assanine BOCES administrators followed by School Superintendents whose ability to manage leaves me questioning their individual credentials.

I would welcome the days when we bring in business people from all walks of life to sit in judgment over our educational goals and objectives. Truly, this would be a Renaissance in the making. Perhaps, then and only then would students be given the quality of education that has been lost for some three plus decades.

Lastly, discipline of students can be corrected given the hiring of corporate managers who are trained in these matters. Then too, we could do away with Special Education "problems" which have [in part] been caused by the school boards and administrators.

Governor Spitzer should change NYS Education law and rescind legacy systems in place with sound practical approaches that have worked in the business world for decades.

Anonymous said...

I know Mrs. M and Strike like to keep it as positive as possible, but as a younger than middle aged person, all I can hope won't correct the now myriad of critical problems this area now faces.

Myself and everyone my age I know that's not umbilically tied to this area are chomping at the bit to get out.

Over the last 5 years the BS has almost exponentially grown.

Sewage,Mayor,NewHartfordOnline,Kittys,Lyndsey,Lennon's,the Great Congressman Arcuri wonderama,NYRI,Donna D. and all of seems to be a quagmire with no sign of letting up...

Now I know what my dad means when he quotes the title of Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation"...

I really feel as if I grew up watching the beginning of the end...

What would you two do if you were 35?

Strikeslip said...

"What would you two do if you were 35?" -- What a great question! Your answer must come from within -- because the answer will be different depending on individual circumstances and priorities -- and the time in one's life.

If career and financial success is your number one priority, then, by all means, move to North Carolina, Texas, or Florida (which are really growing) or most of the major metropolitan areas. While financial success IS still possible here with smarts, risk taking, hard work and a LOT of luck, your chances are much better where there are substantial numbers of employers and/or a lot of economic activity -- and that is not here.

Money or career "success" isn't everything for a lot of people, however. If family life is your most important priority, then this area can be a good choice -- provided that you have at least enough income to support them in reasonable comfort. If you don't, that will be a reason to move elsewhere.

You may be forced to leave the area to make some money and gain experience or position yourself to return under better circumstances.

I left and returned 3 times to gain education and experience elsewhere before coming home (hopefully for good) -- but it was family ties and family life that brought me back. Career wise I would have been better off elsewhere -- but I would not have been as happy.

What ever you decide, it is not necessarily forever. If you leave and come back, you will be better for the experience ... and maybe bring something with you that can change things for the better here. (Of course, after seeing how they do things in other places, you might more strongly feel that the "leaders" running things here are 'nitwits' -- and you will be even more upset and frustrated!)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I am over 35, but I am (still) under 40. :) I stay in Upstate because I believe this is the place for me and my family. Believe me, there are days when I look around at Upstate's impending suicide and I am desperate to run far, far away.

For those who can and desire to leave, I don't see anything wrong with leaving. At this point, NYS is so deaf to its people that it is time for such desperate measures. NYS better shape up, or it will soon be a federal satellite and no longer an independent state.

I am also aware that similar problems are going on in other states, too (impending insolvency, destructive eminent domain, nepotism, and corruption)-- although NYS beats all the others by a long shot. And the federal government is on a tragically tyrannical course. Our country has some very difficult choices to make. Considering federal policies of the past 40 years, we seem to be on the brink of fascism. What states will stand up for the Constitution? Will NY?

I am not too old to desire and work toward radical change. I think NYS-- and New England for that matter-- needs it. If it means we lose good, young people, well, so be it. All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, your perspectives didn't dissapoint...

Guess I'll be stuck her, deciding what to do, where to jump from the burnig ship.

GREAT blog.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm over 35, but not by that much. My husband and I left Utica 10 years ago, not because we really wanted to, but because we had no choice. It was difficult being college educated, employed, but still barely making enough money to pay the rent. :-/ We moved, as did a lot of people, to NC. The city I live in complains that they are not growing as fast as other areas, yet we had a population increase of 3 percent last year. I think that's pretty good. At least it's GROWTH! I miss Utica and would love to move back at some point, but unless something changes I don't see it happening. I've been hoping for change for a long time now. Sigh.

On the plus side, in just 3 weeks I'll be up there on vacation! I can't wait. :-)