Thursday, June 21, 2007

That's How Conditions are in Camelot . . .

Two years ago the plight of the people of Camelot Village was the poster child for expanding the Mohawk Valley Water Authority to western Oneida County. Now, however, The Sentinel reports that Camelot Village will be receiving water from the City of Rome to replace that from its contaminated wells. Interestingly, the Sentinel article reports that this project will require a mere 1200 feet of water main -- less than a quarter mile!

So, why should Camelot Village have been used to justify MVWA's proposed 16 mile long water main? It was to manipulate public opinion --- and the opinion of state legislators --- and the opinion of state regulators --- by the powers-that-be to get what they wanted through filtering of the facts.

Our officials should be sworn to tell the "whole truth" before they are believed.


Anonymous said...

Rome's water system is in serious trouble when the 2010 EPA rules go into action. Users are on borrowed time. People talk about the MVWA but they are dealing with the unfunded mandates today with consumers funding the projects

Strikeslip said...

That may or may not be true. But it is a different subject.

The fact is that Camelot Village's contaminated wells were used to promote MVWA's Verona pipeline -- while safe potable Rome City water was only a few feet of pipe away.