Monday, December 08, 2003

Cooperative efforts bearing fruit?

Anyone see the column in this morning's OD by our collective economic development "leaders" about how their cooperative efforts are "bearing fruit"?

Given our population loss does anyone really believe them? (Unemployment rates drop not only when people get jobs -- they drop when the unemployed leave the area.)

If the public could see results for itself there would have been no need for the column.

Their talk about "confidentiality" in dealings is a smokescreen for doing next to nothing. We read how other communities have gone after Wall St. back offices, gone after large companies like GEICO, and have obtained interest from chip manufactrers. No such reading here .... Their trackrecord of feeble accomplishments speaks for itself. Frankly, I think they are only interested in protecting their jobs.

Lets get rid of them all, and give ourselves a tax cut.

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