Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crumbling Consensus Reveals . . . Conspiracy?

Following last March's British TV programme “The Great Global Warming Swindle” we now have access via YouTube to two more video productions that present the "other" side of the Global Warming Story -- the side we seldom see:

From CNN Headline News:
Exposed: The Climate of Fear - Part I of VI
Exposed: The Climate of Fear - Part II of VI
Exposed: The Climate of Fear - Part III of VI
Exposed: The Climate of Fear - Part V of VI

From the Friends of Science (in Canada):
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: Part 1 of 5
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: Part 2 of 5
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: Part 3 of 5
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: Part 4 of 5
Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: Part 5 of 5

After watching these it is clear that the "consensus" of scientists that global warming is man-created is not really a consensus at all, but wishful thinking by controlling politicians.

"Real" scientists certainly would NOT declare that the "debate is over," because their endeavor is to uncover the "truth," whatever it may be. Theories should be constantly tested against known facts -- ALL the known facts and not just the ones that tend to support one's pet theory.
If a fact does not seem to fit, then there is something that may not be understood and more research is required. That is how science is supposed to work. But when it comes to global warming, it has not.

Inconvenient truths such as the facts that CO2 increases LAG behind temperature changes in ice core data, that a Little Ice Age came and went without human intervention, that glaciers were receding before mass industrialization, that farming was once possible in Greenland but not now, and other facts that do not neatly fit the theory are simply ignored rather than reconciled.

People who are skeptical of the global warming theory are called names such as "deniers" or "idiots," and their motivations are questioned. These are attempts to marginalize the skeptics -- to get them to be ignored -- and to distract from the facts that they have to present.

The frightening thing is that the global warming theory is presented as fact in the mass media and in schools. "An Inconvenient Truth" routinely plays in the nation's classrooms
and on college campuses without the other side being presented -- much less than a debate. In fact, when was the last time you heard a true debate about global warming? I can't think of ever hearing of one -- at least not in the last 10 years. This was not the case a generation ago when "continental drift" was the earth shaking new theory. Facts on both sides of the issue were presented, debate was encouraged, and there was never any name-calling. Of course, continental drift was not the kind of theory that could be used to control the entire world's economy.

With all the rhetoric, with all the attempts to marginalize skeptics and stifle debate, with the inculcation going on in schools, one has to wonder: WHY?


Hot Stuff said...

I do believe that the County of Oneida and Town of New Hartford have added to global warming. With all the sh*t and related fecal matter; it is no wonder the days are getting "hotter" for local Republicans whose actions have stepped over the line, allegedly making their actions in violation of law.

Just my thoughts...

Mrs Mecomber said...

You aksed WHY are they using the public schools to indoctrinate the global warming religion... well, gee, it worked so well with the Scopes Monkey Trial, everyone really should be asking "why NOT"?

Al Gore said...

It makes you wonder. I seriously think Al Gore is trying to scare the crap out of America and than get himself elected promising to fix a problem that does not need to be fixed. On the other hand how many Iraq war protesters (and I mean hard core protesters) have jumped wagons and are now global warming protesters? Its almost like its in everybodys intrest for this madness to be accepted.

Fear = Control

Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh Great Savior and Redeemer, Al Gore! Save us, save us! We'll even take the Verichip for you!

Al Gore said...

I invented the G spot.. I mean Internet.