Friday, June 08, 2007

Upsetting the Applecart?

Ed Hanna running for Mayor of Utica? Leon Koziol running for County Executive?

Say what you want about Mr. Hanna -- he didn't always do the right thing -- he sometimes said things that would be embarrassing to Uticans living elsewhere -- he was eccentric -- But the City never looked as good as it did when he was Mayor. Not everyone can be rich, but everyone can be neat and clean, and that is the first step in getting somewhere. The same is true for cities and Mr. Hanna knew it.

Mr. Koziol is a mixed bag, too. But he's educated, experienced, and knows the law.

Elections this year are shaping up to be very interesting.

Finally the voters are getting some choices.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

Hanna and Koziol are old news. When are YOU going to run for County Exec, Strike? :) You'd get my vote!

Anonymous said...


You've got the Angel's vote, if you run...for County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Really Strike: From what I know of you, I'm not sure you're likely ready to actually get that involved, but damn, it WOULD be nice...

(You'd have to be a bit crazier hah!)

Imagine: A knowledgeable victim of the Usual Suspects rises above them at their own games.

Hard to imagine EdWaitr and yourself being suseptible to the vices and spoils of the office...

Its good to see someone who cares, but how do we het you to run? Mayor? Town Sup?

I mean: At face value, you guys as candidates would likely do a far better job at Government than we've seen from the local "re-run politicians" were perennially subjected to.

Just a thought...