Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Campaign silence

t's less than a month before the election ... where are the discussions of issues? What do the candidates stand for?

All we seem to hear lately is how they will spend our money. The governor is going around showering almost every community with promises of millions for this or that special project, McCall wants to spend more on education (which is already receiving more than ever with dismal results), and now even Golisano is proposing a new giveaway program of college scholarships ... Meanwhile Oneida County taxpayers will be forced to ante up 16% more to cover expanded social programs imposed by the state -- other counties face even steeper increases!

It's clear with a state and local property tax burden more than 50% higher than the rest of the nation that NYS cannot compete for jobs -- that something needs to be done to bring the cost of government under control.

Unfortunately all our candidates do is propose/create more programs to buy votes keep in office or get themselves elected .. creating more government, driving taxes even higher and more jobs out of state.

At the rate we are going it won't end until everyone is either a government employee or on the dole.

Might as well stay home on election day. There are no real choices.


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