Thursday, April 24, 2014

Griffiss International: Crash and Burn?

Per the 4/21/14 OD: Takeoffs, landings drop significantly at Griffiss 
In 2013, total operations, which include takeoffs and landings, were 33,503, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. That’s a drop of more than 21 percent from 2012’s 42,474.
It's an even bigger drop from the 60,265 operations in 2011!

The taxpayers are getting the impression they are propping up this airport for (1) aircraft maintenance companies and (2) potential drone companies.  There certainly isn't any passenger or cargo service to speak of to serve our regional needs. . . . Those needs are taken care of out of Syracuse and Albany.

At some point the County Legislature needs to step back and objectively assess whether what we get out of this albatross balances what we put into it.