Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oneida County Trashes Downtown Utica . . .

... and Utica lets it happen!

Regardless of what may be happening inside the building, the outside looks like a solid waste transfer station. It has looked this way for what? 5 years? 10 years? It is an eyesore and detracts from the neighborhood.

Additionally, as it appeared this Saturday morning (when no one was working), 166_6633cwaste is clearly open to the elements where it could be scattered.

How about the City code? There is no apparent desire to enforce it here.

Sec. 2-22-75. Construction and demolition waste.
Construction and demolition waste may be stored upon the land where the actual construction or demolition is in progress; provided, however, that such waste shall not be stored for a period exceeding ninety (90) days and shall not be stored in a way which will allow it to be scattered by wind or rain. Salvageable material from construction or demolition may be stored for longer period of time in duly authorized scrap or salvage yards. (Code 1964, § 14-33; Ord. No. 264 of 1989, 4-19-89)

Sec. 2-22-74. Refuse containers.
The owner, occupant and person in charge of a building shall provide and utilize a sufficient number of containers to conveniently store the accumulation of refuse on the premises for a reasonable period not to exceed fourteen (14) days. Containers used for the storage of such accumulated refuse shall be of a rigid construction, shall have tight-fitting covers which shall be kept tightly sealed and shall be located, prior to placement for collection, at the rear or side of the building in a reasonably inconspicuous manner, away from streets and places occupied by other persons and in a manner not readily accessible to animals, children or the elements. Containers shall be maintained in a clean, watertight and good condition. (Code 1964, § 14-32; Ord. No. 264 of 1989, 4-19-89)

If it were you or me maintaining this abomination, codes enforcement would have been on us like flypaper. But this is the County ... the one that thinks it's OK to send Utica raw sewage ... the one that thinks its OK to send Utica's water supply out of Greater Utica to other places that have alternative supplies available. . . . with nary a whisper of an objection from City Hall.

Had enough?


Anonymous said...

How long have those chain-link fences been around the Court House. Also, how about those trash containers. If my memory serves me correctly, I do think they have been around the Court House too, for many years.

How deplorable this area looks. I wonder how the City would treat common residents, if they left their property in a state of disarray.

Anonymous said...

I would like some close-ups of the trash containers, etc. This would really show your readers just how ugly these things make the City.

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm wrong, this looks exactly the same as of today. They mowed the grass in front of the fence tho.