Monday, September 01, 2008

Not Fighting NYRI On All Fronts . . .

The Public Service Commission declared the NYRI power line application complete this past week, so the battle is about to begin . . .

The Indian Point Nuke Plant is of strategic importance in this battle because it produces a huge amount of power for New York City. If it is closed, guess where NYC will look for its power?

Bowing to fears, some NY State officials have already decided that the plant should be shut down.

A month ago a faulty siren system at Indian Point was criticized. A week ago DEC decided that Indian Point "should consider" spending $1.5 BILLION on new cooling towers to prevent fish kills . . . After about 40 years of operation now this suddenly becomes an issue? What "problem" will they "discover" next?

These are not real issues . . . They are excuses to make closing the plant happen.

Where are our Albany representatives on this? Where are Mrs. Destito, Mr. Griffo, Mr. Townsend, Mr. Valesky, etc., on the Indian Point issue? Where are EDGE, our county executives and mayors? Just because it is New York City's power supply does not mean that we are unaffected. WE have an interest to see that Indian Point keeps operating -- an interest that is shared by at least some people Downstate.

Unfortunately our regional leaders (and the local media) have failed to look beyond their own backyards and involve themselves in (or report on) things like Indian Point that are going to seal the NYRI deal against us.

If NYRI is to be beaten, the battle must be fought on all fronts.

[8:30 PM update: Read Greens and Beans comment... He gives a couple more "excuses" that will create a need for NYRI. Here are his links . . .
New power plant in queens faces opposition; Entergy to honor revenue sharing pact in spin off]


Anonymous said...

Destito is too busy getting fat off of her family's exclusive dealings with OIN. Townsend is too busy making frivolous lawsuits. picente, other county officials, and EDGE are to busy lining their pockets with the new contract with million air. new hartford town officials are busy covering up a police scandal involving a poor woman being stalked by one of their own. Whitesdtown officials are too busy trying to become NH jr. and are doing a find job of screwing over the Rosses and their cause. griffo is doing what he does best, nothing. and arcuri is too busy hiding from the public so that he can avoid any tough questions about his relationship with Ms. Stiles. (not that donna the queen of the mohawk valley will ask them). And donna donnovan is too busy trying to keep the fact that she asserted her influence as the area's only major newspaper to reduce her son's punishment for his second dwi in a hit and run accident. A crime that would have landed anyone else in jail for at least a year.

If they can't get rich off the "cause" then they won't do anything about it. There is nothing them in arguing for Indian Point to remain open. They will still be re-elected thanks to pork-barrel spending and the fact that they will successfully convince the masses that they did their best.

Greens and Beans said...

Strikeslip has a good point. Our local elected officials and public economic development agencies seem to be hopelessly asleep at the wheel. They are acting inept and generally indifferent when it comes to effectively battling the desolation NYRI intends to impose on our area. It seems that pressure to close Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, coming from several fronts, is playing into their profit seeking greed stained hands. The Governor Poletti Power Plant is one of several aging New York City area power producing facilities that are in need of replacement. The Poletti Plant is scheduled to be closed in 2010 and there is pressure to block the building of a modern environmentally clean replacement power plant in Astoria. ( Then there was the unsuccessful threat to halt remittance of revenue sharing payments to the State by Entergy Corporation who owns the Indian Point and Nine Mile nuclear power producing plants. ( Even a novice politician can see that there is an underlying agenda at work here and NYRI is in tune with this self-imposed downstate power crisis. NYRI is all-too accommodating with ushering in this manufactured dire need for their power line transmission project.

Anonymous has a good point too. Anonymous says “They (Our esteemed Mohawk Valley elected officials) will still be re-elected thanks to pork-barrel spending . . .” Again I risk sounding like a broken record, but the structure of our legislature in Albany needs to be overhauled. Our Assembly members and Senators must genuflect to their respective legislative majority leaders in order to get member items (a.k.a. PORK). And let’s face it, without pork, the legislators will find their reelection playing field largely based on the public’s assessment of their performance. And that could be devastating to the do-nothing goofballs we have representing us. Notwithstanding their being inept selfish self-centered bureaucrats, their main objective (and some would say ONLY objective) is to keep the brunt of taxpayer dollars perpetually channeled into their own pockets.

And the incompetence, tempered with greed, keeps rolling on!

Anonymous said...

HAhaha.. I'm getting out of here. I don't care that there will be tons of elderly folks here stranded with high prices. I'm not going to catch the windfall when seniors get discounts and younger people like myself will get stiffed with the loss-compensation costs.

Screw Utica! Or, Screwtica! I'm outtie.