Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dept. of Transportation - A Study in Contrasts

Representatives of the NYS Department of Transportation held a public information meeting yesterday to discuss the replacement of a culvert on Route 291 in Marcy. Per the story in last week's Sentinel:
The engineers will discuss the project objectives and provide an opportunity for residents, business owners and interested persons to voice their concerns. Input received at the meeting will be used during the design of the project to address the needs of the community.
Meanwhile today there was an "emergency meeting" at the Department of Transportation between DOT, Town of New Hartford officials, and a developer, over a new intersection -- an intersection in what was supposed to be a limited access road and a major commuter route to Syracuse -- that the DOT has already designed to accommodate a developer . . .

DOT bends over backward to bring the public into the design process for a culvert in a minor state highway . . . but designed the intersection of a major commuter route with no public input whatsoever.

DOT: Serving the people . . . or private interests?

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Greens and Beans said...

What? Not anouther double standard?