Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Putting Us All On The Dole . . .

I blogged 3 weeks ago about about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and how it would undo upstate.

Well . . . here is RGGI's spawn: a proposal to take proceeds from the cap-and-trade scheme and give it to families earning up to $85,000 per year to help them pay for rising heating costs.
The $285 million program is aimed at providing relief to low- and middle-income families who will be hit hard by rising home heating costs. It would be funded by the proceeds from the carbon permits New York corporations are required to purchase under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Smith said.
Isn't this the "New York" way? A NY government program increases the costs of doing business, causing increases in costs to families, creating an excuse to create another government program to help those that the first program hurt.

Of course, what happens to all the people who lose their jobs when companies, fed up with the constant nickle and dime-ing by NYS, close their doors and move away?

Now they propose public assistance for families earning $85K -- which is pretty comfortable by Mohawk Valley standards ... Before you know it, we'll all be on the dole!


Greens and Beans said...

This is an excellent point Strikeslip. This circle of economic damage will affect anyone who lives and works in New York State. It’s like the dog that never discovers that perpetual chasing its tail is ultimately fruitless.

This is how unethical politicians get reelected. If this program were to be targeted to benefit the lower income families, it would fail to achieve its objective. So what is the objective of this program? Certainly not to help poor families cope with the high utility costs this winter, but the real objective is to crush a rival political candidate. Therefore, if State Senator Neil Breslin’s late polling samples reflect a close primary challenge, he will have to throw our tax dollars at the sector of the voting population that will show up on primary day. Lower income families have a dismal record when it comes to voting in primaries. However, upper middle families have a much better record in terms of showing up to vote in primaries. For this reason, to improve his odds of prevailing on primary day, he will throw public money the upper middle class voters who will most likely show up to reciprocate on primary day. The Middle-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, proposed to be funded using the proceeds from the carbon permits New York corporations are required to purchase under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, is ultimately going to cost the taxpayers of New York $285 million. Talk about a return on investment, this is a handsome sum to reelect a State Senator.

Who benefits? Democratic State Senator Neil Breslin and others like him.
Who gets hurt? Everybody who lives, works, and does business in New York State.

At the risk of being redundant . . . The New York political scene is indeed hopeless broken. We have got to vote these white collar thieves out before it’s too late.

SBAG said...

Hah... to continue green and beans' comment... Democrats and hippies hate corporate America... but all that will be left is big business. Small businesses are being killed up here, and even medium-sized stores are dying. All that will be left is Walmart and Home Depot. After a while, maybe even these businesses will tire of shouldering all the burden and finally leave the area.

Anonymous said...

All based upon the hoax that man-made CO2 will cause warming. What a joke now that we are going into a cooling cycle due to low activity of the sun. Thank you, new hundred-millionaire Albert Gore for your phony slide show. The elites at Hamilton College thought it was wonderful!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I've seen this pattern for many years now-- NYS trying to get as many people as possible "on the dole." It just makes sense-- what else explains all this high-spending, exorbitant taxation, corporate welfare, and increased federal aid? This is their intention-- to make it expensive to live in NY and get as many people under state welfare (and state control) as possible.