Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wondering About Whitestown Emergency Services

It was reported yesterday that the Town of Whitestown is paying too much for emergency services.
The study found town residents who live outside the villages are paying more per capita for fire services than any village residents, but do not appear to be paying more than their share on a “per-incident” basis.
What is the problem with this? Why should town residents expect to pay the same for fire services as village residents? Doesn't that illustrate why we have "villages?" . . . People collect together in villages so they can provide services to themselves more efficiently, resulting in lower costs.

Maybe the question should be: Why aren't town residents outside villages paying MORE for services "per incident" than village residents? Aren't they farther from the fire stations than village residents? Aren't they avoiding the potential liability that village residents would have to shoulder if the village FD somehow screws up?

The study is worth reading, however. The concentration of equipment in tiny villages that are within spitting distance of each other is truly amazing when compared with distribution of equipment in cities. The ultimate conclusion:

Regardless of whether you live in or outside a village when you are in a town: You are paying too much.

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Anonymous said...

Strike -

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the situation in Mohawk with the overwhelming defeat (2-1) of a proposition for a new fire truck for the Volunteer Fire Department and the envigorated push for consolidation there. Any chance this could become a regional model?