Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another 840 Intersection? 2

The insiders, self-dealers, and media-enablers are circling the wagons!
The deal that will move The Hartford insurance company to a newly built office park off Woods Highway could fall apart if an intersection near the site is not built.

That was the message Wednesday from Daniel Gilligan, the New Hartford Central School District superintendent, and Earle Reed, the town’s supervisor.
Now we citizens and taxpayers are told that the proposed 840 intersection is "key" to the plan. WE are threatened -- by a School Superintendent, no less -- that The Hartford is going to move if WE do not support a new intersection on Route 840.

I'm ready to call these officials' bluff . . . and if such, indeed, induces "The Hartford" to move elsewhere, then The Hartford would be telling us that they don't really care about the sensibilities or preferences of the residents of the Town of New Hartford or the people of the region. Frankly, I cannot imagine The Hartford feeling that way, but if they do, then, really, what is lost? Another corporate citizen that takes advantage of the taxpayer? We could do with fewer of those.

Sen. Griffo arranges an "emergency meeting" today between New Hartford and DOT officials. Why the exclusive guest list? Perhaps to enable more "horse trading"? Arm twisting? Perhaps to hide veiled threats of political or legal repercussions to the state officials who have reasons for disapproving the plan?

I'm not going to repeat what is wrong with this plan because I've already stated my piece. But today's article disgusts me and drives home all that is wrong with government in Oneida County.

It makes clear that local officials promise more than they have the authority to deliver, make deals behind closed doors, use government and the taxpayers' purse to benefit private interests, have no use for the public being part of the process, and that we have a State Senator who has no problem with this.

To her credit, Mrs. Destito is correct on this issue, particularly her view that the public has been improperly excluded.


Anonymous said...

I think Joe Griffo should be investigated for gross incompetence.

How come he REFUSED to include town residents in the meeting today? Is Mr. Griffo afraid of the Court of Public Opinion?

Anonymous said...

The DOT says it would be a dangerous intersection. Thats enough for me to say its not worth it.

Let them build an on off ramp only or have "the developer" buy the remaining homes from the NiMo substation to Rt. 5 on Woods Rd., and they can make that road their entrance to the business park.

Anonymous said...

Strike - absolutely, dead-on comments! How can you "promise" an intersection? The cart's miles before the horse, and it is loaded to overflowing with "bull."

Anonymous said...

Earle Reed personally gave assurances -after the "emergency" meeting held today at 10:30 A.M in the Regional Director's Conference Room. Mr. Reed was overhead telling Hartford Insurance Company's co-ordinator, "do not worry." Town resources will be made available to build the jug handle off Route 840 - ASBENT ANY PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT!

Talk about arrogance!!!

Earle Reed should be "strung-up and quartered" or " tarred and feathered."

Not sure which is the better of the two.

Anonymous said...

Will the constituents of NH have to vote on this bonding plan??

waterboy said...

That was the same threat that was used to get water to the building. I must agree, when is out going school superintendent worried about traffic safety is he thinking of putting a crossing guard at the intersection? That snapping sound must be the straw breaking the taxpayers back. Good luck New Hartford.

Anonymous said...

It just gets more and more depressing - I am embarrassed to say I live in CNY. My votes don't matter and the political corruption is beyond belief and getting worse every year.

Will anyone buy my house so I can get out of here? I have to make sure my kids are able to live somewhere with a future.

Greens and Beans said...

Another great post Strike.

This is a classic case of “Wag the Dog.” I agree with you in giving credit to Assemblywoman RoAnn M. Destito who represents 116th Assembly District on this one. She is absolutely generous when she states that “There should have been a public hearing or some type of public venue where people could know what changes were being made to that corridor.” ( At least one public official joined the Observer Dispatch in exposing the fact that “we the people” are being left in the dark . . . AGAIN. What the heck happened to open government? Notwithstanding, Assemblyman Townsend’s silence on this project is DEAFNING! Assemblyman David Townsend represents the 115th Assembly District of which includes the Town of New Hartford.

How much political power does Supervisor Earl Reed and Lawrence Adler yield? They seem to have undue political influence over the public officials of the New Hartford School District, Oneida County, BOCES, Assemblyman David Townsend, Senator Joseph Griffo, and the State Department of Transportation.

I also agree with the fact that the New Hartford School District has their nose in this economic development project a bit too far. Perhaps they would do well not to be in such a rush when opting to crawl into bed with the New Hartford Town officials. When did the school district focus their efforts on constructing an insurance company, a hotel, and physician/medical offices? Whatever happened to concentrating on educating the students first and foremost?

Apparently Mr. Reed also speaks for the Hartford Insurance Company. I wonder if the Hartford Insurance CEO and Board of Directors realize the potential adverse public relations they are fostering by remaining silent? Do they think that the public and news media will forget their threats to force this potentially dangerous intersection’s construction after the first fatal accident occurs in front of their new facility? Do they actually believe that by remaining in the dark now will absolve them from sin later? How do they think their shareholders will perceive the news after they read of this mess one day in an exposé by the Wall Street Journal or Business Week magazine? Perhaps the local Hartford Insurance Company officials need to come out of the shadows and speak for themselves. The public needs to hear from them too.

And the arrogance, tempered with incompetence, keeps on rolling.

tachikawa811 said...

Earle Reed said he wasn't going to serve more than 1-term and just announced he has "unfinished" business and will run again. Vote him out NH - for lying, and passing out corporate welfare to the Hartford.

I just got my tax bill from Hillary Elefante and am afraid to open it. NH government does nothing to help small businesses which are still the stable backbone of this community, yet bends over backwards for stinky polluting metals companies, and insurance companies who jump up and down and threaten to leave if we don't dole out money to them.

We can't afford these handouts which end up becoming more tax increases for us!!!