Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ridiculous RGGI

10 states take aim at global warming: "Northeastern coalition plan to auction carbon credits may be model for programs throughout the world"

This is baloney. They are already doing it in Europe . . . with ruinous results.
Check out this article from the UK's Daily Telegraph: Financial crisis: Lehman misses out on carbon credit scam
" ... in four years' time our electricity bills will jump another 25 per cent (on top of the rises likely from soaring coal and gas prices) ..."
The First U.S. greenhouse gas auction is set for Sept. 25

We are being led like lemmings into a financial abyss . . .


pack93rtc said...

Interesting that there's been exactly zero coverage of RGGI in the local media. I heard about this on WGY yesterday on my way to work; I guess it's up to us to stay informed on this.

Carbon cap&trade is a giant scam. Short term, it'll just push business and industry out of the northeast; if adopted nationally, it'll just hasten the push for industry to leave the US and go to countries with no environmental regulations at all - I'm not sure how that's a plus for the environment...

Greens and Beans said...

Good post Andrew. The local media’s silence on this issue is deafening. RGGI is a complex issue that may accompany alarming anxiety for the folks – like me – who realize that NYRI’s attempts to maximize their profits when transmitting our economical hydro power to downstate customers, is being crafted simultaneously on several fronts.

This global warming farce may be the straw that breaks the fragile economy’s back here in the northeast. It was first introduced as a potential Presidential candidate’s (former New York Governor George Pataki) attempt to show his competence and willingness to deal with global based issues. Notwithstanding the fact that the RGGI will force electric power generating plants to trade emission allowances and likely resulting in increased rate charges for the power they produce, RGGI may also make hydro power even more economical to transmit. What’s alarming is that RGGI will make the NYRI power transmission project more palatable.

pack93rtc said...

I think what makes this so offensive to me is that this is a regulatory action, put into place by the DEC without any kind of public referendum or legislative action. Pataki kicked it off, and the DEC makes it happen behind our backs.
This is good news and bad news - it makes Patterson the focal point of any action opponents might take. Good because it means action directed at one person, rather than hundreds of assembly and senate members, but bad because I'm not convinced that Patterson will care.