Friday, September 19, 2008

Politically Correct Pinwheel Pinhead Pacifists 2 . . .

I blogged about this a year ago ... but here we go again . . . this time the nonsense has spread to New York Mills: NYM students plant Pinwheels for Peace.

Anything but education goes on school, as long as it promotes a particular agenda . . .

Kids should be learning art in art class . . . not political correctness.

(See last year's post with comments for more discussion of this topic, including links to the project's lesson plan.)


SBAG said...

I think we should promote world peace, with our own actions leading the way!
In fact, after 9/11, we shouldn't have done anything... we shouldn't even have declare war on the mess in NYC! We should have left the burning, melting, crumbling wreckage on site... Much less declare war on terrorists! As a nation we shouldn't defend ourselves! At all! Yeah! In fact, we should get rid of our jet fighters and assault rifles, and if someone declares war on us, we should just send our soldiers out there to hug the terrorists! In fact, if they have a suicide bomber, there should be a very large, tight group hug around the bomber!
Peace, man! There is no use for conflict! Ever! Our enemies are always right, and we're always wrong! Yay! Kitties!

swimmy said...

sounds like the above is from a democrat! hahahaha!

clipper said...

The unfortunate thing about this act demonstration is that it is more than likely the brainstorm of a "pinhead pacifist teacher, using your children's minds to further their own agenda.

I agree with the theory that kids should be taught the subjects that are part of the curriculum, and that any such actions as this demonstration should require the permission of parents before children are encouraged to participate.

Political statements should not be made utilizing children whose opinions are unfairly slanted by the influence of a respected authority figure in their lives.

Children might be doing better in school if less frivolous crap was being ingested, and more of the necessary core subject matter was taught.