Sunday, June 22, 2008

Indian Point Progress . . .

The Journal News reports that the Indian Point nuclear plant has cleared a hurdle in being relicensed. That's good news for us Central New Yorkers, because if this plant were to close, it would give another reason for the NYRI power line to be built . . . not to mention send electric rates through the roof.

Clearing a hurdle, however, should not make us feel too secure since the Big Wigs in state government still want to shut it down, and more than likely will pull out all the stops to cater to the NIMBYs of Westchester -- people who need the power, but would rather foist the impacts of power generation and transmission on others (us). Of course, there being more people in Westchester, what do you think the politicians will do?

While this is an issue for discussion downstate, it is not mentioned by our local media . . . which allows it to be off the radar screens of our reps in Albany.

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Anonymous said...

Good point Strike!

The New York State politicians, in unison with the Westchester County officials deem it essential that this power producing plant be terminated. End of story. The affluent Westchester County home developers do NOT want this nuclear power plant in their path of expansion. It is the old “not in my backyard” mantra again. It’s akin to having a nuclear power plant in the path of New Hartford’s former “Power Dam” area expansion where highly profitable $million homes are being constructed. The developers of the “ultra trendy” Westchester County will not rest until they eradicate the Indian Point Nuclear facility. And they have the monetary support needed to influence the political powers that be. They have gone as far as filing formal arguments against the plant’s license renewal.

In this time of limited power, why would any community want to deliberately close any power producing entity? MONEY, PROFIT, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT! Affluent neighborhoods with their expensive shopping malls, upscale shops and high-priced restaurants do not want to be within the backdrop of the cooling stacks of a nuclear power plant. And after all, NYRI is all too willing to send them high priced hydropower subsidized by the peasant class citizens of upstate New York.

The battle lines are drawn, but does anyone in the NYRI path of destruction realize the relevance of Indian Point’s survival? And yes . . . our local media and local elected officials will not likely bother to report, or even realize, the importance of Indian Point’s role in NYRI’s quest to prevail in their battle to construct a major power transmission line to accommodate the wealthy down state customers.

Perhaps this blog entry will serve as a wake-up notice to the lethargic media and politicians here in our neck of the woods. Thank you.