Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Utica Needs . . .

We were treated (again) yesterday to the Observer-Dispatch's preaching to Utica about what it needs. This time OD wants the mayor to waive a magic wand and create drug stores and places where people can buy "staples" such as a loaf of bread or a quart of milk.
A drugstore, for instance. While pharmacies are proliferating in the suburbs and even in other parts of the city, there’s nothing to be found downtown since Rite-Aid moved out this past January. Pity the poor traveler nursing a migraine who needs some relief. . . . .
No, pity the poor pharmacist who tries to make a living selling aspirin to travelers. Reputable hotels have some sundries for sale in-house, anyway, so the "traveler" should not suffer. Also, there is a drug store on Bleecker (Garro's -- with its multilingual sign) -- but the OD is obviously unaware of what is within walking distance of its Oriskany Plaza address. OD preaches about what it wants done, but offers no suggestion how it could be done.

Basic economics are at work here. No doubt, the removal of the Washington Courts complex and its residents took away the market for the drug store on Genesee . . . . so it closed. And until those acres are replaced with more potential customers, there probably won't be another one.
But without the basics necessary for a solid foundation, the vibrancy we all want to restore to downtown Utica will remain out of reach.
Why don't I believe the OD when it talks about "we" wanting to restore vibrancy to downtown Utica?

Maybe Today's FRONT PAGE headline says it all:
What possible relevance do 25 + year old crime stories have to today's issues? . . . Unless it is to perpetuate the stigma of the past . . . or distract from corruption in Utica's largest suburb -- corruption which never seems to get reported upon .

When the OD editors talks about Utica, there is an unmistakable tone of condescension. And they seem to take every opportunity to preach -- without in depth study that might do some good -- or dredge up old news to make Utica look bad.

Utica does not need a new drug store, it needs a new newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the organized crime story is like last week's Blue Sox story...we don't have enough unhappy people whining about "how it used to be" - we need the paper doing it every Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The realistic possibilty of an growing Utica downtown is virtually zero butn that doesn't deter the OD from dusting off decades of the same editorials. Their position can only be predicated on their realestate holdings since that is the only rational basis for their "downtown" editorials. The basic problem is an economic one. The only cities that have had successful downtown revitilization have been those withing growing private business and population bases. We have neither. All the editorials in the world won't change the basics. The only thing that could are changes in policy and emphasis that would spur economic growth in the private sector. The big question is whether or not it is too late for Utica and its downtown.

Anonymous said...

New newspaper and throw in a couple of competent and relevant TV / radio stations too. This areas media passed pathetic a long time ago.

clipper said...

I think that it is an irresponsible and stupid thing to dredge up the past to make news. ONE man has been paroled, and that is no reason to re-address organized crime from 20 0r 30 years ago.

Donna Donovan and the OD staff, constantly point out the deficiencies in the inner city, while promoting the crooked crap and urban sprawl in New Hartford.

I agree with Strikeslip, that we don't need drugstores downtown, we need a new newspaper, or at the very least a NEW PUBLISHER. Possibly a publisher that will live in Barneveld or Remsen, and not pander to the crooks and miscreants in New Hartford politics.

Thank goodness for "Faultlines", CNY Snakepit, Clipper's Busy Corner, and other blogs and forums that keep the "REAL" news coming, and keep discussion of issues not addressed by the mainstream media in the forefront for those that want to know the true and unbiased story.

I am Clipper from Clipper's Busy Corner. We created the site in the face of a need for an honest forum to replace the "then failing" OD chat forum. We have been lucky in creating a "family" like atmosphere, that was found to be legitimate by Strikeslip, Gear of Zanzibar, and other bloggers and area citizens with a mission to peddle the truth in the face of all the garbage being spread by other sources.

The list of links at the left of Strike's page here, is a list of interesting sites to visit in your quest for truth. I you want to discuss the issues, rather than to simply comment, join us at clipper's corner. If you want to see how honesty is sought after, and relentlessly pursued, from local media and politicians, read CNY Snakepit.

To me, the OD has become simply an outlet for me to access the obituaries online from here in Tennessee. I get a reading on what is in the news, and then I go to the blogs and forums to find the truth and to discuss the issues.

Keep up the good works Strikeslip. You are an area Icon and a necessary part of getting the truth out.

We have a balanced network of blogs, forums, and discussion groups that serves the areas concerned citizens.