Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not Making the Local News . . .

Not making the local news, but should be of interest, are these headlines --- and some thoughts:

Elmira-area airport lands jet service -
Elmira-Corning Regional Airport's runway was a top reason the airport beat Greater Binghamton Airport and others in the state for nonstop direct jet service to Orlando by Allegiant Air, officials said Tuesday.
And how long is our runway at Griffiss International Airport? And how many more people live in Utica-Rome than Elmira-Corning?

Region's cities striving to attract developers -
"It's a lot more fun working in the cities than the suburbs," Pfeil said. "The infrastructure is already there. It's a lot easier to get approvals and go through all the boards. Taking an existing building, you don't have to deal with the impacts like when you're filling the cornfields where you have environmental impacts."
The story out of the capital district should be read and contrasted with the approach (or lack thereof) taken locally.

Monroe, Onondaga and Erie county leaders seek state mandate reforms -
State mandates have been the biggest complaint of county leaders because in some counties more than 80 percent of their local revenue simply pays for costs passed on by the state.
Is Oneida County participating?

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Anonymous said...

In regard to the mandate reform - Tony Picente is no Joanie Mahoney. She makes him look like a total incompetent. Can you imagine Oneida County taking the lead in demanding spending cuts? Me neither.

Tony likes the status quo and our tax rate will reflect that when the budget comes out.