Friday, September 26, 2008

RGGI: An Absence of Authority

Here are the new DEC regulations that implement the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:
Part 242: CO2 Budget Trading Program
Now, compare these with, eg., the long standing regulations that control Nitrous Oxide emissions:
Part 204: NOx Budget Trading Program
You don't have to read further than the headers of each section to see the difference.

The NOx regulations all have in their heading: "(Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law . . . ." . . .. But no such statement exists for the RGGI regulations. . . . and for good reason: The regulations were not authorized by the legislature.

Simply put, your electric bills are going to increase based on a program that the government currently has no legal authority to implement.


Anonymous said...

DEC head Alexander "Pete" Grannis is Spitzers revenge on upstate NY. He is by far the worst leader of the NYSDEC in history. He is implementing his green agenda with no care for the nys economy. He needs to be replaced promptly.

Anonymous said...

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