Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's the Label, Silly . . .

NOW I understand why the Oneida County taxpayers are pouring millions into the new airport: It's for the LABEL:
The county Board of Legislators’ Ways and Means Committee voted Wednesday evening to move a resolution that would rename the airport “Oneida County-Griffiss International Airport.”
“Oneida County-Griffiss International Airport.” It almost takes one's breath away!

After the laughter from Syracuse (and maybe locally) dies down, the OC Board of Legislators needs to reconsider their proposed name.
In his letter, Picente suggested calling the airport Griffiss International Airport.
I actually find myself agreeing with the County Executive on this. "Oneida County-Griffiss International Airport" is too cumbersome. "Griffiss" has historical significance and already enjoys name recognition on its own among aviators (the market for the facility) - recognition that does not need to be diluted by "Oneida County." Lastly, "Griffiss" signifies something bigger than "Rome," bigger than "Utica-Rome" and even bigger than "Oneida & Herkimer Counties" combined, because all of these are far to small to justify such a huge airport (and, more than likely, to keep it going financially).
A few years ago, some Syracuse-area legislators actually suggested that Griffiss be used as an alternative to their own Hancock International for air cargo, in order to avoid having to make some expensive additions and impacts to their neighborhoods. It's unknown if those additions were ever made, but if they were not, there's Griffiss' market: all of Central New York, from Auburn to Canajoharie including Greater Syracuse, Greater Utica, and Rome. And think again if you think that a "regional" airport will not receive support. People in Greater Binghamton, Elmira-Corning, and Ithaca are considering jettisoning their respective airports in favor of a centrally located regional one.

"Oneida County"-Griffiss International is too provincial.

Griffiss (alone) is a name that all of Central New York can identify with. . . .

(. . . and maybe our friends in Syracuse will stop laughing if they think about the possibilities. . . .)


Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing when I read the story today. Too cumbersome. Do politicians get more money, the longer the names they give?

Anyway, I like it just plain "Griffiss Airport." It's what all the people will probably call it, too.

Greens and Beans said...

Labeling the former “Oneida County Airport” to the “Griffiss Oneida County International Airport” does seem to be a bit arduous and long. Moreover, it also seems to be too parochial. I would much rather see the name of this gem reflecting its centralized location. How about the “Adirondack International Airport” or perhaps “Central New York International Airport”? The names would chronicle the location of the airport as being in the center of New York State, in the center of Oneida County, and in the center of Griffiss Industrial Park.

What’s in a name? Plenty when you’re trying to sell your operations to prospective air carriers.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the amended name of Oneida County-Griffiss International Airport is terrible. I was there and argued that it should be simply the Oneida County International Airport, or better yet the Utica-Rome International Airport.

My take was that anyone outside of this region would be able to find us on a map and it would fit better for marketing purposes outside the area. I understand that people in this region recognize the name Giffiss, but that is not our target audience, that's selling to ourselves. We need to sell our area to other states and businesses.

At the end of the meeting, and after seeing that they weren't willing to go with one or the other, but a hybrid of the two; I recommended they go with the Oneida County International Airport at Griffiss. They immediately said "No." My response was "of course not, it was my idea so it can't be good." I understand the history of the name Griffiss, but I reminded them that we have named the business park the Griffiss Business Park and that the new airport should be reflective of a progressive future and marketing plan that gets away from the whole Mohawk Valley thing and should be reflective of where we actually live so that we van be found on a map.

I could be wrong, but that was my take on it all.

Tanoury, Jr.

Strikeslip said...

Larry - The point about finding us on a map is important . . . "Utica-Rome International Airport" would be a second choice for me because U-R suggests the entire metro area which includes Herkimer County.

Anonymous said...

Wheres Griffiss? I have never heard of it. How do you get there? Where is it. I know where Tampa, Syracuse, Alanta and Albany are, but have no idea where Griffiss New York is. Can someone help me.

Great way to brand an area with a name no one outside of the region has any idea what/where it is. Just plain dumb.

Anonymous said...

Griffiss isn't recognized outside this region? Everyone who's been in the Air Force (and/or is a pilot) knows the name Griffiss. And THAT'S who we should be marketing to.

Anonymous said...

Mohawk Valley International Airport. It is a regional asset and should be promoted as such (unlike the hijacking of the Utica Chamber).

Anonymous said...

Too bad we aren't the "Mohawk Valley." Sure, we may live in "part" of the Mohawk Valley, but it is a HUGE region that doesn't help people outside of Oneida County find us.

Oneida County or Utica-Rome is the regional approach we should be taking.