Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Daylight on the Knights . . .

2008-0724-1127It's been how long since the Knights of Columbus headquarters in Downtown Utica was ravaged by fire and closed? A couple years? Yet, there it still stands with the "no trespassing" sign prominently posted in front.... a local landmark ... the large yellow brick building attached to the rear, all boarded up.

What is going on here? Was there insurance? Why no reconstruction?

2008-0724-1131Perhaps it is none of our business, because the Knights of Columbus is a private organization . . . But it IS our business when there is BLIGHT on Genesee Street . . . which is exactly what this is. This is particularly annoying being next to the Public Library and across from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum of Art

The Knights need to get off the stick and fix their buildings.


jimcee said...

I believe that the KofC is in negotiations with the library so that the library can expand their children's section and also for administration office space.

Anonymous said...

Billy Virkler does not want to waste the money re-building what the fire destroyed. And after being robbed twice last year at the new place, he's too busy scamming with Earl Reed to screw the voters over so he can get two new courtrooms without seeking voter consent.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Knights of Columbus were renting or leasing a building owned by Mr. William Virkler and this building is located on Campion Road, New Hartford.

I believe this building is the former Aurora Bowling Arena, however, not really sure.

Mr. Virkler is the Town Justice and it does appear there is a problem with these dealings?

Strikeslip said...

KofC in NH is located at 22 Campion Road. The property is assessed to "BeaVir Properties, LLC."

Strikeslip said...

It would seem the the NH and Utica addresses are administered by the same people because the phone numbers are the same. What are the terms of use of the NH property is the organization's business.

My concern is: How long do people have to wait for the Utica structures to be fixed?

Anonymous said...

It' only Assessed for:

Full Assessment: 58800

How does one get such a low assessment while others pay through their "noses?"