Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Utica Name Dropped Again . . . (2)

The more I think about this (Utica Name Dropped Again . . .) the angrier I become. The taxpayers of Utica take a huge hit on this event every year, not to mention suffer a huge inconvenience. It is suburban snobbery that wants to remove the name 'Utica' . . . taking advantage of the city's services, but pretending it does not exist. The "Regionalization" argument made by Tim Reed (like other 'regionalization' arguments) is Rubbish. People from all around have always been and felt welcome to participate in the event.

Utica needs to stand tall, put its foot down, and not allow itself to be walked upon. Mayor Roefaro holds the cards. He needs to show he has some cajones and say: "If no 'Utica,' then no permits and no race."

Enough is Enough!

Sign the online petition to keep Utica in the Boilermaker.

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