Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ODd Journalism (3)

I don't normally link to forum articles, but this one on Utica Topix about our local newspaper: GATEHOUSE PUBLISHER HELPS DESTROY CITY was a good read.
"If the only newspaper in our area has become a deceptive, sly snake, with an agenda that corrupts us and spews venom and poison on us, perhaps we should kill it, whether it's our only "newspaper" or not." -- "Bouncer"


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Greens and Beans said...

I smell a “get rich quick” opportunity here. An astute Entrepreneur could start a local newspaper to go into direct competition with The Utica Observer Dispatch. After a few months of “Donovan-descending” honest and unbiased news pieces, the Observer Dispatch will surely make a handsome purchase offer with “corporate hush money” to muzzle the new rogue newspaper and facilitate the perpetually biased newsprint monopoly in Utica. In turn, the deceptive manure powered political machine of Utica will continue to fleece our area with their skewed slant on what THEY deem as print worthy.