Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Some Good Advice . . .

Some good advice (for a change) is offered by the OD editors to the Utica school board, along with a bit of criticism.
The Utica City School District is filled with immense potential and opportunity, yet its leadership continually manages to turn the simple into the complicated, the sure thing into the missed opportunity.
Lou LaPolla gets a bit of an accolade:
For years, board member and former Utica Mayor Louis D. LaPolla has been one voice shouting into the wind as he’s criticized waste, inefficiency and poor management. Now, the board has selected him its vice president.
While Ms. Skermont seems to be taking the fall:
Skermont’s heart was in the right place, but she struggled with aspects of the job and mismanaged planning for the massive capital project that voters will consider later this month.
But I don't understand the deal with Ms. Barbara Klein, who demonstrates "a grip on power that’s been unusual on in recent years." She seems to be getting a pass. With all the nonsense that the residents of Utica have had to put up with from the Board . . .

Why are there no calls for Ms. Klein's resignation?

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Anonymous said...

Good point Strikeslip.

It was evident that Utica School District Superintendent Skermont was a “fish out of water” in terms of understanding the complexity of the task of managing large capital projects. But where was the experienced Utica School Board leadership? It escapes logic as to why the Utica OD granted this Board a pass, in terms of their silence by not pointing out how the school board’s indifference to Superintendent Slermont’s capital project ineptness only served to bolster tax dollar overspending?