Friday, July 18, 2008

Tug-O-War Over Chip Plant

There's a Tug-O-War going on over the state's second taxpayer-subsidized computer chip plant -- this one by IBM.

The problem for us: Marcy isn't a player.

Can we dump EDGE . . . PLEASE? And while we're at it, can we dump our Albany representatives, too? All the good stuff is going to areas that are already thriving.

PM Update: Picente urges Gov. to bring IBM expansion to area. Someone commented "pipedream" and that's pretty accurate. Picente compadres, former County Execs. Eannace and Griffo, appear to have gone along to get along to advance in their own political careers while Joe Bruno walked all over this area. I did not hear CE Eannace complain even once that the state had potential chip makers touring a Saratoga County site that was not even off the drawing board while our Marcy site was (supposedly) "shovel ready." CE Griffo said nothing either. Now Republican Picente expects Democrat Patterson to deliver the goods? Give me a break!


clipper said...

I have to wonder about one thing, pertaining to the fight over who will get the chip plant.

How much money has already been spent on lobbying, butt kissing, and patronizing the IBM people, for the approximately 600 jobs that will be created??

It is going where the money and the influence is, and Marcy, obviously doesn't fill that bill in the eyes of the Albany politicians promoting the other areas. They want it in the Capital District, so they can realize the benefits. They don't give a damn about Oneida County.

swimmy said...

Is the Marcy Site FINALLY shovel ready? Or has EDGE just embezzled the $300,000 it allegedly spent in acquiring the federal permits that are necessary to make the Marcy site shovel ready?

I have not heard one way or the other. Seems like a waste of everyone's time if the place still is NOT shovel ready.

Strikeslip said...

Swimmy -- It's not a waste of time because even Luther Forest Tech Park (where the AMD chip plant is supposed to go) is not "shovel ready." I don't think they have their new Hudson River water supply in place yet.

swimmy said...

I thought I read somewhere that the AMD deal fell through at Luther Forest Tech Park because they found out that the site was not shovel ready either. Or that it was underway to being shovel ready but that there was some issue that needed resolving causing too long a delay for AMD.

I cannot cite to a source because I can't remember where I read it, but I thought that was the situation.

Strikeslip said...

Swimmy -- last I heard, AMD had not signed a commitment -- they were given a window within which to do so which has yet to expire. It is one shred of hope I still have for Marcy . . . but don't count on Oneida County/EDGE to take advantage of any faltering in Luther Forest... their really big chance was 4 years ago.

Greens and Beans said...

The residents of the Mohawk Valley spend more time under the bus than any other New York State community. And we apparently like it that way. If you live in the Mohawk Valley you better get used to being continually thrown under the bus. And, after you get free from under that bus, get ready to have your rescuers throw you under the bus again.

When AMD (American Micro Devices) was searching for a micro chip fabrication site, our local Economic Development agencies as well as our elected officials called the Marcy site “shovel ready.” Then we read that AMD was moving to a lesser developed Luther Forest site. Luther Forest is located in the former New York State Senate Majority Leader’s district. As our elected officials rein thanks and praise on the retiring Majority Leader, (probably for taking the financial strapped AMD off of our hands) we are told that our Marcy site is NOT shovel ready as the taxpayers are again tapped for funds to make it “shovel ready.” Because of the absence of free highway access in the Mohawk Valley, the incremental Thruway toll increases in conjunction with skyrocketing fuel costs, the price of conducting business in the Mohawk Valley escalated out of sight. If NYRI has its way, utility costs will grow rapidly and follow suit to keep up the pace of driving business out of the area. Now, with all of this economic retardation, our elected officials are quick to thank those who foster and enhance this infliction.

To Recap:

Marcy is shovel ready. Marcy is not shovel ready. We get thrown under the bus.

AMD is slated to build a chip-fab facility in Marcy. AMD will now build this facility in Luther Forest. We get thrown under the bus again.

Senate Majority Leader who continually usurps any promising economic development opportunity that our Mohawk Valley economic development agencies invest time and taxpayer money to attract. We get thrown under the bus.

When this Majority Leader announces his retirement, our local elected officials sing his praises as if to thank him for taking potential business away from us. We get thrown under the bus again.

We have spent more time under the bus than any other community should be asked to suffer. But as long as we keep electing public officials who seek to thank and praise our enemies, we will get more of the same. Foreign wars have been fought over less provocation. We need a Mohawk Valley version of the famed Boston Tea Party! Throw these imposters out of office and have them take the costly blood suckers that call themselves economic development specialists with them.

Anonymous said...

G & B, that is just a rightous post. I just can't believe the praise these people use like currency. What is the big problem people in CNY have with not calling a bum a bum? Or a problem a problem? It's like people get all Annette Funicello glazed as soon as someone says "Whoa! here!"

Was it 20 years NYS didn't pass a budget on time once? What was the extra cost in interests and "whatever" for that for all 20 years? Figure those missing millions had NYS been able to keep it. Where would that money have grown and gotten us to today?

So, well the Brookings Institute drops a nasty scathing report on Albany's glaring dysfunctionality, so that next spring the gang in the stairway and their captive sheep all got together and passed a budget on time, by hours I think, as if to add suspense and interest.

They did it on time and the media went on for some time about what changes this signified. It was on every TV and in every paper in the state it seemed.

The next year (2006?) the budget was late again?

We all agree that they don't care at all right? I mean just look at that!

As for Bruno, and the bunch, who cares why he left, good riddence. How can that man sleep? How can ANY of these people sleep? I'm sure RoAnn's house will be warm this coming winter. She seemed like a nice lady but at some point you become disillusioned, and no matter how nice she looks one day you seem to be looking into the eyes of a snake after her 15000th press interview on WKTV.

Well you know me I guess, obviously the list goes on and on and on. Sorry Strike!

(Joking) Idea for a "Boston Tea Party": How about New Yorkers fire up a huge (easy sign up!)class action lawsuit and sue every legislator in New York State for that 20 yrs collectively. Make them dirt poor, and give their money via campaign PACs to new blood and performance proven candidates. Like rob the Albany crooks and use their money for a trust to make sure they feel the heat.

Let them call their lobbyest buddies and ask for a loan to buy some food or heat.

Ranting and hoping aside G&B, your posts are usually good and thought-provoking but this time you really outdid yourself.


Anonymous said...

The statistics of the area relating to the educational levels of our residents explain why certain companies and industries will not locate here. The simple truth is that we are undereducated and old. With only 22% of us having 4 year degrees and virtually no one having advanced degrees, no large high tech development will take place here. The Marcy site is a pipe dream that has nothing to do with political influence.

Anonymous said...

Politicians in our area only care for one thing, their own political careers & the public be damned. That's why they sing the praises of a man that screwed this area royally. They have no conscience or ethics. Throw the bums out.