Friday, August 01, 2008

My 2 Cents: Griffiss Port

After some thought, and since it's my blog, here's my own offering in the name-the-airport contest:
"Griffiss Port"
I believe that "less is more" on this issue . . . more honest . . . but with more potential.

Griffiss as an "International Airport" really sounds like a joke... Oneida County acting too big for its britches. No offense, Mr. Picente, I understand that you want "international" to emphasize its port-of-entry status, but to most people, an "international airport" means international passenger service -- and Griffiss has no scheduled passenger service of any kind, nor the facilities to accommodate same.

But Griffiss IS a port, with the potential to be a very good one. . . . for cargo. It has not only rail and highway connections, but it's on the Erie canal. Dropping "air" from "airport" allows for the intermodal nature of Griffiss: it can be a rail port, highway port, and canal port all at once. Calling it a "port" also suggests its importance for cargo (which I think is the only niche this airport will successfully fit into) without limiting it to cargo.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents: Griffiss Port. Simple, honest, and a name that can be grown into. . . and bought into by all of Central New York.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that suggestion makes me think that you are part of the county legislature. It is that bad!

Where is Griffiss Port, New York? I have to fly in there to reach a charter flight and don't have a clue as to where it is.....

Anonymous said...

How about Leatherstocking Country International Airport?


Can you believe that "Leatherstocking Country" is still used in promotional literature for area tourist info by NYS? Talk about incompetent "branding".