Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Planting Progress in Proctor Park

The folks at the CNY Conservancy are doing a fine job 'polishing' the 'gem' of the Utica City Park System, Proctor Park! Take a break and enjoy it.


clipper said...

I love the wildflowers and the pool. The city has beautiful parks, and it has been sad over the years to see them in different states of disarray. I am glad someone is pulling them back up to a standard that they were envisioned to be, when the land was donated and the parks were conceived. Great photos Strike. Thanks for the pictures of Utica. I am glad to see the parks making a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job Strikeslip! Your photos are as beautiful as they are humbling. You successfully captured the true essence of the exceptional beauty of this area. The folks at the Central New York Conservancy are indeed doing a superb job. Proctor Park is undeniably one of our priceless gifts.

I can almost see the tears of our homesick former residents who had to move away to seek gainful employment in a more economically advantageous region. These pictures are proof that the Mohawk Valley has an exceptional quality of life in terms of natural environmental beauty, exceptional ethnic foods, awesome cultural diversification, first-class architecture, and fine higher education institutions. If only we could discover a way to change our failing government institutions, upgrade our public education districts, and improve our economic environment by providing better employment opportunities for our young. If we could successfully accomplish this, the retention of our well educated young would never be in question. If one would not have to struggle so hard to make a decent living to support a family here, there would be no reason or desire to relocate anywhere else. We indeed have more work to do. This area is too valuable to allow it to decay into just a fond memory of a former place and time.