Friday, July 18, 2008

The New York (Thru) Way

Excelsior . . . Ever Upward . . . It's the New York Way . . . at least when it comes to taxes and fees.

Following the recent Toll Hike, traffic on the Thruway has declined so much that the Authority can't pay for planned road maintenance and will have to scale back... Looks like we'll be getting more for our money: More Bumps!

It's no surprise that the toll hike was followed by less traffic. Mayor Bloomburg tried to reduce traffic in Manhattan by adding a toll . . . but the people there would have nothing of it . . . We can't interfere with Manhattan's economic vitality, now, can we? But Upstate? There is apparently nothing there because no one is complaining.

The Thruway needs to be toll-free, like almost all the other interstates both in NY and in the rest of the country. . . . but we hear not a peep from Ms. Destito, Mr. Townsend or Mr. Griffo.

Can we dump these people . . . please?


clipper said...

Fleischeer says he is seeking ways to reduce costs by reducing staff etc. Yep he is on the right track. Reduce the staff by ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!! Do away with the authority. The thruway will still exist, and will still be maintained. It will simply be done like other states do it, without tolls. The impact of maintaining another 500 miles of 4 lane highway will not impact us as individuals in any traumatic manner.

It seems that the "Authority" is able to strike fear in the hearts of taxpayers, with horror tales of how much it will impact us to have to pay for the road out of tax money and highway funds intstead of charging toll.

I have a sneaking suspicion that we would actually realize an economic benefit overall by doing away with tolls, and DOING AWAY WITH THE AUTHORITY.

It is strictly my own opinion that the "authorites" in New York State, are no more than toilets which we flush tax dollars down, in paying for the salaries of patrons and relatives of our politicians in Albany, and New York City.

"Lift the lid" on many of these authorities, and you will not like the smell!

Mrs. Mecomber said...

I've taken the Thruway a few times this spring and summer, and I did notice a very noticeable and drastic decrease in hauling trucks.

Anonymous said...

Of course, gas prices are up, too, leaving one to wonder about the real reason traffic is down. Nonetheless, I'd dump the Thruway Authority in their canal, which my tolls go to support. Even though I'm not rich enough to sail a yacht on it. Dave

Me said...

Yea trucking is WAYYYY down and they are going to different routes such as Route 5 and 20. But now NYS might start limiting the weights that can drive on those roads, thus forcing the trucks back onto the Thruway.

And why would they do this?- Because they want there money.

clipper said...

Forcing trucks onto the secondary roads is a big mistake. It increases the chances of accidents, as large trucks encounter more curves, stop lights, and unlimited access from side roads.

I wastes more fuel, with the up and down hill, the constant shifting of a big truck, and the stop and go traffic on roads not built for that kind and quantity of traffic.

Any attempt to further restrict the weight of trucks, will REALLY impact the trucking industry, and their activity in the state of NY. Interstate trucks will start going around NY state, instead of through it.

Hauling fewer pounds of a commodity on a truckload will result in a higher price at the cash register for that commodity.

Only in NY would you see such nonsense.

I read somewhere that commercial traffic is increasing on the canal, as a result of the costs of trucking goods across the state.

Great! We now have a canal that has been neglected for years, that needs some serious dredging in order to accomodate barges of a deeper draft than the normal pleasure craft, and an authority that will promote that nonsense. The alternative to trucks is rail, not barge.

Now the moronic thruway authority can justify the toll increases, by crying that the money is needed to upgrade and maintain the canal system, as a viable commercial entity. It is all Bull, and it is all something that you only see coming out of the stupidity in Albany NY.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be voting against each of these incumbents - they are useless and a huge part of our problem. Many that a speak to feel the same way - they must be voted out as a first step toward getting anything accomplished around here. Townsend, Griffo and Destito being in Albany are a complete waste of an elected office - incompetent, corrupt, but most likely both.

quitwhining said...

You are all a bunch of idiots - the TW wants the Canal as much as we want to pay for it. Close the damn canal. The TW is the only road in the state that doesn't suck. If you don't want to pay the tolls DON'T DRIVE ON IT AND QUIT YOUR FREAKIN BITCHIN!!!!!!!