Monday, June 23, 2014

Refugee Camps . . . Coming to Facilities Near US?

If you think that we won't be affected by the border crisis, better think again.  The Blaze and the Buffalo News report that the Feds have been scouting hotels in Grand Island (near Buffalo) and Rochester to house the overwhelming number of children from Central America that crossed the border illegally without their parents.

Why New York State? The word is out that NY wants illegals.  Per news reports last week New York State is considering one-upping the Federal Government and rolling out the "Welcome Mat"  with a "New York is Home Act" that would grant all sorts of State Benefits to illegals.

If the Feds are looking at Buffalo and Rochester, how long will it be before the Feds cast their eyes a mere 150 miles east to Utica-Rome with its "International"Airport that is hardly used, shuttered prisons and other empty state facilities, reputation for welcoming (legal) immigrants, and a bevy of politically connected cronies who will jump at the chance to make a quick buck on the backs of the taxpayers?

Our immigration policy is in shambles BECAUSE THE LAW IS NOT ENFORCED. The Federal Government has failed us and both political parties have failed us.  They are all acting on behalf of special interests and not for the benefit of individual citizens and taxpayers.

Keep that in mind the next time you vote.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Hanna on this? We will never know on this and all other federal issues since these questions never have to be answered or replied to. The local media is a disgrace . A debate should have been held even if Hanna's chair were vacant.