Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Climate Cringe . . .

Here we go again . . . Big power-plant pollution cuts are ordered
In a sweeping initiative to curb pollutants blamed for global warming, the Obama administration unveiled a plan Monday aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by nearly a third over the next 15 years . . . 
"This is not just about disappearing polar bears or melting ice caps," said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. "This is about protecting our health and our homes. This is about protecting local economies and jobs." . . .   
Environmental groups hailed the proposal, praising both the climate effects and the public health benefits they said would follow.
First of all why is Carbon Dioxide -- a naturally occurring gas that is exhaled by all living things (including plants at night) -- considered a "pollutant"?

Second, how does cutting back on CO2 protect our health and homes?  How does cutting back on CO2 protect our local economies and jobs?

Third, what exactly will be the environmental change we will get by cutting back our CO2 emissions by 30 %?

There are a lot of bold claims made here but little -- other than public ignorance -- to support them.

Independent Journal Review a few days ago published 25 Images Show That Climate ‘Changes’ – Whether or Not Man Does Anything About It

After reviewing the images, you have to ask yourself what will be accomplished by the latest EPA effort?

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Anonymous said...

What will be accomplished? More regualtions, more political power over business and consumers, more money to and from cronies, more gifts to the radical left. Obamacare has nothing to do with health; the EPA regs have nothing to do with weather.