Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"The Special Interests Are Mighty Desperate" . . .

That's the thought that went through my mind as I heard 3 attack ads in a row on the radio yesterday against Ms. Tenney during lunchtime . . . repeated again at dinnertime.

Perhaps these will be effective elsewhere, but in this part of the 22nd district -- unless you've been asleep -- Ms. Tenney's reputation as a "no-nonsense" conservative and Mr. Hanna's reputation as a man who regularly trashes his own party are pretty well established.

There's the Wall St./pro-gay rights America Unity PAC,  Oneida Indian Nation's Patriot's Prosperity PAC, and "establishment" Republican Main Street PAC: special interests hard at work, protecting their man.

What are they afraid of losing?  Money ...  and the power that it brings.

Let's face it, we often judge our congressional reps on the money they bring home.  In that regard Mr. Hanna has been rather typical and not much different from his two predecessors:  doling money out to various groups, government contracts to local businesses, and keeping DFAS in Rome. Republicans and Democrats both do similar nationwide, "horse trading" with each other to reach "deals" and, despite Congress' incredibly low approval ratings, managing to get re-elected because people don't want to risk losing their federal "lifelines."

The end result, of course, is mountains of Federal Debt and an Ever Expanding Federal Government that becomes ever more intrusive into our everyday lives, usurping the roles of state and local government and injecting itself into things as piddling as what we give our children for their school lunch.  No wonder so many Republicans and Democrats agree that NSA spying on us is "no big deal."

When someone like Claudia Tenney comes along to point out that our Constitution stands for a limited federal government -- now THIS IS A THREAT to Congress' slimey "business as usual" that must be crushed.  That is why there is so much "superpac" action on radio and TV now. The status quo must be kept in place.

It will be interesting to see whether the people who fear losing their "federal lifeline" will prevail.  If they do, they should not complain later when their rights, and the value of their savings and pensions, are eroded away. 


Anonymous said...

The millionaire and billionaire pacs backing Hanna are all that needs to be known about Hanna's positions on the issues. Why is there NO discussion of the issues facing the nation and the candidates positions on these issues?These ads are a disgrace and at no time has Hanna disavowed support from these outside super pacs.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon Adelson the money behind the Patriot Pac(paying for Hanna ads) has an editorial in Politico supporting the flood of illegal immigration currently overwhelming the southern border . What is Hanna's position on this tidal wave of illegals ? He does not have to answer because there is no discussion of the issues. Is Adelson's position Hanna's?

Strikeslip said...

Not sure where Hanna is on the tidal wave of illegals -- but he is FOR the Federal Government providing section 8 HOUSING ASSISTANCE to illegals.Read this article on Breitbart and check the link to the voting record.