Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NY-22: A Post Mortem: 47% are Not Extremists . . .

The results in the NY-22 Republican primary are in and Mr. Hanna has won the right to continue to call himself a Republican.  Mr. Hanna's views, thus, represent the direction that the majority of Republicans want to move their party in.

The Republican machine was out there in full force for the incumbent. The barrage of negative ads, and the lack of a one-on-one debate, were calculated to keep the focus on the personalities and avoid the issues.  The calculations and hate speech worked -- and the majority of Republicans were OK with it. 

One would like to say that as Republicans we should now all come together for the good of the party and the good of the country.  But after a campaign such as this one, how is that possible?

47% is almost half --  a number of voters that cannot rationally be regarded as "extremist" - but that is what Mr. Hanna has called us ... and listening to Mr. Hanna's declaration of victory last night, I heard no reaching out to us. 

Mr. Hanna can no longer be called RINO. He represents the direction of the party.  Given the general failure of "Tea Party" candidates nationally (excluding Texas and excluding the aberration of Cantor's loss caused by Democrats voting in the primary) , and Mitch McConnell's declared war on the Tea Party,  constitutional conservatives apparently are no longer welcome in the Republican "Big Tent."

So what are constitutional conservatives to do?  The Tea Party needs to think long and hard about what is next.  Tea Party issues are not seriously considered, and Tea Partiers are dismissed as [racists, extremists, fringe -- you fill in the blank].  

Organization is the key to getting our issues discussed -- and to countering the negative stereotyping propagated by the mainstream media.
The time has come for Tea Party oriented individuals to seriously consider forming a Third Party to get that organization. 

While this will likely ensure that Democrats will be elected for a time, to quote Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make?" when the difference between Republicans and Democrats has become harder and harder to discern?   


Anonymous said...

Now Hanna states that the outside pac ads did more harm than good! During the run up to the vote he had nothing to say about these ads, now he's all over the pathetic local media explaining his views . What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Hanna is a disgrace. He not only ran a campaign of complete misrepresentation but was cowardly to not debate. Of course, he realized that Tenney would have eaten him and his millions alive. The area's Republican establishment are not in any way, shape or form, conservative. They are big government types who are in office to control the big money. They win by patronage and money allocation. And, sense this area needs big government to survive, they do as well. Watch how they actually support Cuomo and screw the Republican candidate.