Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bretbart: Hanna, in Primary Battle, Supports Amnesty

On Bretbart: Hanna, in Primary Battle, Supports Amnesty
"Why would we want to make criminals out of dairy farmers simply because they want to run their business, when we know there are people available to do the work," he said. "It's important that New Yorkers find a legal way to help people come here, do the work they want to do, know who they are, where they are how they contribute, what they cost, have a way to find those people and if necessary send them back," said Hanna. "But our process today is out of control." 
The New York Republican believes that foreign immigrants do not take American jobs. 
"Much immigrant labor is highly skilled and thus presumably not differentiated," he told The Washington Post. "Why would wage competition not incur in the labor market?" 
Utica, which serves as a large chunk of Hanna’s district is among the top ten cities in the state with a current unemployment rate of 6.4 percent or above. That number once skyrocketed to 10.5 percent in 2012.
Mr. Hanna fails to see why immigrant labor is needed on local dairy farms while the region has a sustained high unemployment rate:  It is easier to sit home and collect welfare than work on a farm.

There is a lot more in the Breitbart article about Mr. Hanna and our local area.  Please read.

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Buzzer said...

"That number once skyrocketed to 10.5 percent in 2012."

WHaaaat? But the 'oh-dee' has never reported anything above 7% since I've moved here... (which is about 15 years)



I remember 2012. Many of my friends were unemployed and living with parents. Lots of couples on the verge of divorce. It was almost worse (in my social circles) than 2008-2010.