Monday, June 23, 2014

My Take on NY 22 ...

We are hearing lots of radio ads and TV ads, and our mailboxes are inundated with campaign literature -- mostly negative material on behalf of the incumbent with little substance on his record.

Mr. Hanna's claims of being fiscally conservative and wanting to reign in federal spending are belied by his votes to raise the debt ceiling several times and his proposal of an expensive new Federal Pre-K program. But it gets much worse.

Last Tuesday he voted against an amendment that would have cut off Section 8 housing for those in the country illegally -- perpetuating federal benefits that have attracted illegal immigrants and contributed to the humanitarian crisis now on our southern border.

Mr. Hanna advocated for more visas for foreign workers with technical degrees at a time when the number of our technical graduates far exceeds the job supply.  This deprives Americans of jobs.

Mr. Hanna approved of several "free trade" agreements that caused the loss of local jobs to foreign countries (see Revere's Mr. O'Shaughnessy's Paid Ad on p 5A of Sunday's OD).

Although Mr. Hanna claimed in yesterday's OD  that he is "not negative to people" he routinely mocks those that disagree with him.   Just last year Oneida Dispatch documented how Mr. Hanna behaved condescendingly to a 4th Grader who expressed concern over the National Debt. A 4th Grader!

Mr. Hanna's negative mindset becomes dangerous when he lets his ideology impede communication with colleagues. Mr. Hanna called fellow Republican Rep. Michele Bachman an "extremist" for questioning how the daughter and sister of Muslim Brotherhood operatives (Houma Abedin) became the top assistant to our Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton).  Not only did Mr. Hanna disrespect a fellow Member of Congress, he displayed a naivete that risks our national security.

With such a record is it any wonder why Mr. Hanna smears his opponent with lies while denying the public a debate that would allow the voters to discern who the real liar is.

Ms. Tenney has earned in the Assembly a reputation as a tenacious, no-nonsense conservative who stands for smaller, limited government and lower taxes.  Ms. Tenney articulates with passion the founding principles of our nation that guide her.

I believe it is time we get our government "back to the basics" that our Founders intended, and get it out of trying to run our everyday lives.  That is why I am supporting Claudia Tenney for NY-22.  

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