Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whither the Debate, Mr. Hanna?

GOP candidates debate in north NY Congress primary
The two Republican primary candidates in the sprawling 21st Congressional District agreed on many issues, but continued to spar over their roots in northern New York during a debate Tuesday.
But to date, no debate has been scheduled between the contenders for the 22nd Congressional District. . . . According to newscasts, Mr. Hanna refuses to schedule one.

We've seen Mr. Hanna's reluctance to debate before where it appeared that Mr. Hanna was threatening to pull campaign ads from TV stations  that intended to go forward with "debates" that he did not want to participate in. . . . but we gave Mr. Hanna the benefit of the doubt then.

Unless Mr. Hanna changes his position, there is nothing to doubt now. 

Avoidance of scrutiny by a public servant should be taken as arrogance.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hanna's refusal to debate his opponent Claudia Tenney should be wake-up call for all Constituents, especially Republicans that Mr. Hanna does not respect them or their wishes.

How does the County Republican Parties Chairmen and elected officials condone and support this activity?

Anthony Mancuso said...

There are some attack ads out against Claudia Tenney that Mr. Hanna has personally endorsed, and yet he won't debate. Everyone in the Utica-Rome area is talking about that very subject. Mr. Hanna needs to realize that his Democrat friends can't vote in the Primary. Claudia has recently been endorsed by the NYS Conservative Party also. It is time for him to go back to his home town and I firmly support Claudia Tenney and I make no bones about it. Hanna is a very nice man, very personable, but has turned out to be a horrible Congressman. I would have never cast a vote for him if I thought he was going to be irrelevant in the House of Representatives.

Anthony Mancuso said...

Hanna has endorsed several attacks ads that are currently running and yet he won't debate. I know a number of News and Talk sources that have offered airtime but Hanna has been MIA. It's time to put someone in the 22nd District that will not be irrelevant. That is Claudia Tenney.