Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gone and Going . . .

Three hundred more jobs are gone from the area, Honeywell moving them to China. And 2000 more appear to be on their way out at New Process Gear.

Gov. Patterson is on the right track, calling for $1Billion in cuts to balance the NY Budget. But he needs to do a lot more to make New York competitive at retaining jobs like those at Honeywell and NPG. Overtaxation is the #1 issue, with cost of utilities close behind.

Favoring some groups/businesses has always been at the expense of everyone else -- and it is the "everyone else" who are leaving. Cut out the special gifts to IBM, AMD, etc. and the Construction Lobby-Teachers Union alliance and other lobbies and just maybe more companies will stick around or even set up shop.

Gov . . . You can do it . . . and We can help.


Andrew said...

Gov. Patterson is so serious about keeping business here that the DEC has done this: N.Y. Enacts CO2 Rules. NY has joined the "Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative", which enacts carbon dioxide "cap and trade" on NY power generators. This will crank up our electric rates in order to, well, accomplish nothing. One more hole for us to dig ourselves out of.

Strikeslip said...

Andrew, you are absolutely correct about us digging a hole for ourselves with RGGI. It will absolutely ruin us with nothing in return. See these posts from two years ago.