Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Case Against Sharing Services ...

Slums Along the Mohawk (new to Fault Line's Blogroll) presents the case against sharing services in the Cobleskill area, where eliminating Village government is being considered.
...Trustee Mark Galasso and Mayor Mike Sellers (Cobleskill’s oddest couple, to be sure) have been feverishly pushing consolidation. Galasso’s support for cannibalizing the Village can be explained by his own thirst for Village water and his support for unrestrained sprawl development. Mayor Sellers on the other hand should know better. Both of these individuals need to take a step back and consider the costs and not just the savings associated with consolidation..
Sean makes some good points in his post . . . as well as in some earlier ones on economic development and the appropriate way to extend water and sewer lines. Read these posts, and then see if they give you a different perspective on the "economic development" that has already occurred in Greater Utica.

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