Friday, August 01, 2008

Pataki Chutzpah . . .

Can you believe how "full of himself" this guy is: Pataki sees museum noting his Albany years.
Three-term governor and failed presidential hopeful George Pataki has a new project: a museum and learning center honoring his administration. . .

Top Pataki aides are raising money for the museum, which has little precedent among U.S. museums or educational institutions. . . .

Backers hope to raise $500,000 in private funds in the first year . . . The effort is being headed by Charles Gargano, who was Pataki's top statewide economic development official.
Hopefully Mr. Gargano and Mr. Pataki will be successful: As successful as they were at reviving the upstate economy and as successful as they were at controlling state spending.

New York's current fiscal mess was not created by the Spitzer/Patterson administration. It was created by Mr. Pataki's abandonment of the conservative principles that got him elected in the first place. After the welcome initial housecleaning and honeymoon (about 18 months) he became every bit as bad as what preceded him -- only the faces of the friends on the take changed.

His desire for a museum to honor his Albany years aptly demonstrates how out of touch he was with what he was creating.


Mrs. Mecomber said...

I think NY's current fiscal mess was from the Cuomo Administration. Pataki was elected to clean that mess up, and he didn't. So instead NY elected another liberal to mess up the hoped-for clean up of the first mess.


Man, Texas just looks better and better every day!

UticaSux said...

Mrs. I I think you are right but not recognizing the damage that Patacki did also. It was almost an extension of Cuomo's ways. Patacki has a snowball's chance in Hell if he thinks New York will ever forget him.

Yes Cuomo had a lot to do with it and he will eat that blame, but Patacki and Bruno, Silver, Shumer, all deserve to be run up a pole. Remember the three men in a room?
If this were Italy these people would be twisting in the wind by now.
I can't say I'd shed a tear.

Greens and Beans said...

Thus far, Governor Patterson is reacting very responsibly with the fiscal mess New York State finds itself in. He has shown leadership in terms of calling the legislature off of vacation to work on the fiscal crisis. I am pleased with his leadership thus far. Now he needs to fix the economic devastation that the Carey, Cuomo, and Pataki administrations have done to the upstate economy. If he can accomplish this miracle, he could prove to be a really great Presidential candidate. But, I must be cautious with my praises at this time, because Governor Patterson is still in the very difficult “honeymoon stage” of his governorship. Time will tell if he turns a deaf ear on the plight of upstate communities. I sincerely hope not.

uticasux said...

Sorry Mrs. M for the typo.

I notice a lot of people are impressed with Patterson, so far I am too. He doesn't read like a politician at all does he? And so far he's been pretty good at just TELLING us the bad news, and not trying to paint Mona Lisas for us.

Could it be, if New York is "saved", that history will show it was saved by an ordinary man, who told the truth, pointed the finger, and GOT the changes that would prevent another dysfunctional greedy mess in Albany? A guy who wasn't "groomed" for office, but who had worked his way there from the other side, and just sort of hit the ground running when fate broke Elliot Spitzer seemingly overnight?

If Petterson can pull NY out of a nose dive it would be ironic that it took a "non-groomed" ordinary talking man to do it.

It's not like Hillary is going to help. Where the hell is she anyway these days?