Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Bad Can It Get? 4

This little story out of Plattsburgh should be of interest to our legislators ... unless they are still in "rubber stamp" mode: Plattsburgh International Airport manager resigns:
The county then signed a deal with Millionair, a company with 31 sites around the country and the Caribbean.

But the Millionair deal never materialized as the company refused to show up for work on opening day of the airport after the county refused to supply additional items that Millionair asked for after they signed the contract.

The loss of Millionair left the county in a difficult position without a fixed-base operator as planes were beginning to land and take off.
Will our legislators please get off their duffs and represent the PEOPLE in this deal instead of working for the politically connected or turning this into a political football.

No one is saying that privatization should not occur. No one is saying that the proposed vendor should not be approved. But it is obvious that more work needs to be done before the deal is approved. Questions need to be answered. Protective clauses need to be implemented. And the airport needs a business plan that clearly demonstrates it is being positioned to fill a need that exists.

The Democrat minority is in the right on this issue. Protect us taxpayers!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post -- the contract is terrible!