Monday, August 18, 2008

Image is NOT the Problem

According to "local officials" our Region’s image is key to luring jobs.

How many times do we have to listen to this clap trap?

You can have your green apple logos, go to marketing events, and *"Call Mohawk Valley Home" until the cows come home, but until we fix what is wrong with this area, we will continue to decline.

What is wrong? The cost of doing business is too high.

Local officials blaming low job production on poor image is like school officials blaming low grades on poor self-esteem. They deflect from their own responsibility.

What have these "local officials" done to bring down the high cost of doing business? Did they ever protest the out of control spending by our schools, such as for the BOCES expansion, or the "performing arts centers" in Clinton or New Hartford -- expansions while the population declines? How about all the spending to duplicate a county airport, while giving away the one we already had? How about spending to benefit particular developers or developments like the new water line in New Hartford?

All this spending raises taxes and the cost of doing business for those not on the public dole. It is caused by bad local decisions. But our "local officials" who can't even find themselves on a map push for more of the same.

What have these "local officials" done to relieve us of some of the state-imposed burdens? What about the tax for using our Main Street, the Thruway tolls? Those tolls really encourage businesses to set up shop here - not. You hear hardly a rustle of paper from our "local officials" in protest.

No, image is NOT the problem.


UticaSux said...

Wow Strike I can't believe they did that to your pics. These people are all over the board when it comes to screwing up hardcore.

Gear Of Zanzibar said...

They're not only ripping you off, but it appears they're asserting copyright on your photos as well.

Your reaction is a lot more reasonable than mine would be.

Anonymous said...

The comments about "image" are 100% correct. Industry primarily cares about two things, cost and labor availabilty and they are obviously interelated. Image may help attract a look but will never close the sale. EDGE has been marketing for over 10 years. If an image campaign was so important, what took so long to realize it? The bolgger is right, this campaign is purely for local consumption.

Strikeslip said...

The pic issue has been resolved to my complete satisfaction.