Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the Hate "Utica" Department . . .

We find this story out of the Rome paper: ‘Red Cross of Mohawk Valley’ born from merger of two chapters.
The American Red Cross chapters in Utica and Herkimer will merge, according to a joint release from the groups. . . .
The American Red Cross of the Mohawk Valley, with its 600-plus volunteers and 11 staff members, serves 221,380 people in Herkimer and Oneida counties.
Since Herkimer County only has about 60,000 people and since the chapter serving Rome and Western Oneida County is not included, that means that the remaining 160,000 people must be from the Greater Utica - Eastern Oneida County area ... but somehow their regional identity disappears into the "Mohawk Valley" -- which is already the name of the Herkimer Chapter.

Frankly, I'm getting a bit sick of what seems to be the systematic extermination of "Utica" from our regional identity. It does not have to be done this way. E.g., when the Utica Area and Herkimer United Ways merged, "Utica" remained in the new name.

I've given to the Utica Chapter of the Red Cross before . . . but seriously doubt that I will give to a "Mohawk Valley" Chapter in the future.


Anonymous said...

Yah, I feel the same way with those want to call New Hartford and Whitesboro "Greater Utica."


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. I think that the Mohawk Valley is an all inclusive regional term used to dfine the entire area. Utica, Herkimer, Rome, New Hartford, Little Falls, and the rest are fantastic towns / cities, but the Mohawk Valley is a phenomonal region. I don't see it is an anti-Utica bias, I see it as a pro-Mohawk Valley opportunity.

Strikeslip said...

Why is it that Rome still has its "Rome" Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, and United Way . . . .and Why is it that the "Mohawk Valley" C of C, United Way, and Red Cross do not
serve Canajoharie, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schenectady (which are all part of the "Mohawk Valley" geographic area)?

"Mohawk Valley" has replaced "Utica" . . . but "Mohawk Valley" is obviously an inaccurate name for these organizations, which only serve a small part of the Mohawk Valley. The conclusion drawn is that the intent is to do away with "Utica."

Anonymous said...

This is akin to the “performer formerly known as Prince.” Could we being witnessing the systematic extermination of the identity of the Mohawk Valley Hamlet formerly known as the City of Utica?

Please allow me to dream and play the Devil’s advocate with a “what-if” scenario:

Now just think if the Hamlet, formerly known as Utica, could secede from the County of Oneida and fold into the Herkimer County. The folks who rely on the all-too-lucrative Oneida County Social Services “lottery,” may have to relocate to the remaining communities in Oneida County. The Middle class just may relocate back to Utica to take advantage of the sales and property tax advantages. Residency requirements would vaporize largely due to the fact that residing in the City of Utica would again be desirable. The exception would be the problematic Utica School District’s out of control spending of tax dollars. However, the School District may just benefit from the property improvements ushered in by the relocation of the Working Class to Utica.

How about the simplification of the annexation of the Acacia Village Retirement Community from the Town of Frankfort to the City of Utica? The issue of having Utica fire and police protection would be moot.

How about the numbers game in terms of County clout with the Mohawk Valley Water Authority? It would be most interesting in terms of having the Mohawk Valley Water Authority (formerly known as the Utica Water Board) to suddenly have to genuflect to the powers of Herkimer County in order to foster their self-imposed mandate to expand into Western Oneida County. Holy Cow, just think of the plight of the towns of New Hartford and Whitestown. They would have to adjust their arrogant behavior in terms of their condescendingly turning their backs on the folks of Herkimer County by hogging the water of Hinckley Lake.

Thanks for your patience with allowing me to daydream of a better “Mohawk Valley.”

Anonymous said...


Damn the one we miss was the "Utica Idiot's Club".... What did they change their name to?