Monday, June 23, 2008

Utica: A City In Herkimer County . . .

The OD is fretting about what Utica's annexation of Acacia Village may mean to Herkimer County. But here's a thought: why does it have to mean anything at all?

Why does annexation by Utica require annexation by Oneida County? It is Utica Services that the people want - - - NOT Oneida County Services. Why shouldn't these people be allowed to annex themselves to Utica without leaving Herkimer County?

New York City spans 5 counties, so the precedent is there. It should not be much different than when a village is split among two towns (like New York Mills in our area) which is not uncommon in NYS.

I can (mischievously) think of all sorts of benefits that might accrue to a portion of Utica lying in Herkimer County. Perhaps the presence of Utica services and low Herkimer County sales tax might spawn large retail development in the new (but currently under served) East Utica area - - with the money benefiting Herkimer County -- of course. I'm sure that the City of Utica will not insist that it be located entirely within Oneida County.

Why not?


clipper said...

Excellent post Stike! I myself, and most citizens would never give a thought to NY City covering 5 counties, or NY Mills being in two townships. It certainly brings a whole new realm of possibilities to the table, but doesn't help the town of Frankfort in their quest to retain the property.

Although I feel the least impacting solution would be to simply contract for the services being sought through annexation, this scenario of annexing at a city level, and leaving the property in Herkimer County is an interesting alternative.

It will be interesting to see if politics rules over clear thinking.Unfortunately, I am inclined to believe that politics will prevail, but I will hold out hope for a "sensible" solution, including a hard look at your suggested solutions.

Thanks again for another fine and informative thread. I have found that there is more fact here than in any local media release. Keep up the good works. Pop a link up on Clipper's corner if you get time.

Anonymous said...

We have a city down here that confuses me every time I think about it. MOST of the city is in my county, Guilford, but parts of it are also in Forsyth, Randolf and Davidson. Way too confusing for me! 1 city in 4 counties! And it's not that big of a city! :-o

clipper said...

Oh well kim, if that is confusing, try living here in Bristol Tn/Va. We are not only in two counties, but two states. The state line runs right up the middle of the main street(State Street) At one time, Bristol Tn and Sullivan County were dry. You could go to Virginia and have a cocktail, and walk across the street and be in a dry county and city.

I love to take people downtown and park in Tennessee and walk across teh street to eat in Virginia. There are also two different sales tax rates, not to mention that you can pay $2.50 for a pack of cigarettes in Tennessee and walk across the street and find the same smokes are $3.50

Strike, it's too bad that it went the way it did. Thanks for the informed thread anyway. I enjoy the blog, and I read it BEFORE the OD homepage lately, LOL.

Anonymous said...

FYI - the 5 "counties" of NYC are counties only on paper. No one pays county taxes, there is no county government, no county sherriff, jail, etc. All governmental structure for those boroughs (more appropriately) or counties is the City of New York. In reality sakes, the only function of those 5 "counties" is in the eyes of the board of elections.